Enter 2 email addresses for a contact

Some businesses benefit from entering 2 different email addresses for a single contact. For now, they create a custom property "secondary email", but if someone fills in a form with this secondary email, they have to manually merge the contact every time.

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We still very much need this.

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Since your "Companies" feature doesn't work and is completely overlooked, it would be great if we could have the option to assign all emails from the same domain to a single contact and choose which one receive each kind of communication (ceo, financial representative, marketing, technical support, ....). There is no way of linking these people together in a team now, that "Company" database is completely useless.

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This is really important: 

Your contacts have a business address and personal Email address. That's why we need both. You don't want to loose or need to decide which one you want to have.

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I agree, some of our contacts have different emailadresses, or both the man and wife demand for more information. Right now, it is possible that different sales reps are working on the same contact, having different emailadresses in hubspot .... 

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Wow, I can't believe this isn't a feature.  PLEASE get this added.  Our business often deals with the same person at their work email and their personal email.  Our sales team is missing conversations because someone inquired twice with two different emails.

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This functionality would make HubSpot a lot less fiddly.

Some of our contacts have multiple email addresses, and send email from both or sometimes all their different email accounts.

Currently this either creates a new contact, or the email doesn't get tracked properly and logged onto the right contact.


It's possible to merge contacts, but the additional email label that shows appears to be just a label and doesn't do anything more, so have to keep re-merging the contacts as the emails come back in.

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I would love this idea to be implemented. In my case as a wedding vendor, we receive inquiries through third parties like theKnot.com. We are able to reply to the client through their unique knot email address, but once we move forward with client, we switch to their personal email. I'd like to be able to just add their personal email to the original timeline used when communicating through their profile email.


Of course, it would also help us greatly in cases when we have work email and personal email addresses for one client.


Perhaps there could be the option to "merge emails" or to "keep separate" in cases where one would prefer the work email timeline/contact info to be separate from the personal.


Thanks for taking this into consideration. 

updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

The ability to add multiple emails to a contact is currently in beta!

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Great news!  See?  This is why I tell everyone to get Hubspot. 🙂 


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So the next obvious question is, how do we get in on the beta?!  🙂

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Good to see this progress.

As above is there a HubSpot Beta program?

Now the feature is in Beta is there an estimated date for this feature to be rolled out to the live version of HubSpot?

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Hi @lsirac, I've changed and merged a few contacts using this new feature but how do I decide what email address will be used in the next email campaign? Thanks

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I work in the apprenticeship industry and learners/apprentices will often have a public ESP rather than a company domain email. For big companies there are also 100s of learner-manager combinations, making it very difficult to send a learner and that learner's manager welcome emails, completion emails etc.

So the easiest thing to do is create the learner's contact and add 3 contact properties "Manager First, Manager Last, Manager Email". Obviously how I got here is that I ran into the problem of sending an email to the manager's email address through workflows.


Can we gain access to the Beta/get an update on the beta? Also will this feature cover workflow emails?

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What happens to the email addresses if we merge contacts?

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This is a good first step but if there's no way to either sync the field from Salesforce, add data to it with an upload, or target the field in a workflow it doesn't solve any problems for us. Maybe in the next iteration?

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I agree with ReUpEducation


While it's good to have the option to have additional email addresses, this is little more than a UI change. We can already create a secondary email contact property if needed.


What we really need is the ability to use these secondary email addresses in the same way as a primary email address. (Emails, lists, workflows, tokens and other areas)



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This, I am embarassed to say, has now caused us to LOSE A DEAL.  A potential customer came to us about a year ago (yes, our sales cycle is sometimes a year long).  We talked with them for a few months.  They put us on hold (not surprising for what we do).  Late last year, someone came to us with with a similar, but different project FROM A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS AND COMPANY NAME, and we quoted them something decidedly different because our supplier pricing tripled in October.


Turns out it was the same company, and same person, just a different email address because he has different emails for different divisions.


They got **bleep** about the triple pricing and left.  If we'd known it was the same company, then we could have extended grandfathered pricing to them and STILL GOTTEN THE DEAL.


This is because we were unable to track this person across two emails, and thus see the different notes, and thus LOST A $50,000 DEAL.



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Yes, I agree! This would be very helpful! 

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looking to switch to hubspot, how can i import contacts with 2 email addresses from a csv into hubspot?

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 Chiming in as I need to establish my "From" email address set as a default, not a pulldown every single time I send an email.