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Enter 2 email addresses for a contact

Some businesses benefit from entering 2 different email addresses for a single contact. For now, they create a custom property "secondary email", but if someone fills in a form with this secondary email, they have to manually merge the contact every time.


It would be great if there was the opportunity to send ONE email to BOTH email addresses that sit in the ONE contact account!!


I agree with this thread. We need the ability for a customer to have more than one email address associated with the record. We ALSO need a way for an admin to have more than one email. As another agency partner mentioned in this thread, I have more than one email address that I use, depending on the customer, yet I can only be one person in Hubspot. It makes it more complicated than it should be.


to add on to this, I see little benefit with the current use of secondary email for another reason. If you have 2 emails that someone has submitted, and the primary email bounces, you should be able to have it go to the secondary email and try to send. OR even the overwrite the primary if it has bounced or something. The secondary email field just seems very useless for the use of the marketing hub if you are not using Hubspot for the CRM or sales tool. 


I don’t think it’s useless, cbartlett. We are also using the service hub. When we use this, i have to add 2 contacts in Hubspot for 1 person, because he has multiple email adresses. Sometimes i want to email an contact on a secondary email address, but that’s not possible from one contact profile.


You want everything from a single contact in one contact profile. That’s the purpose of contacts. Not in multiple because he had more then one emailadres. That’s my oppinion.


Current: Delivered?

Where can I find this option HubSpot now? We are just in the process of onboarding and prepare for the data migration. Almost 20% of all our contacts (b2b) have a second, shortened email address (eg instead of the second is eg or or a department mail address like


So, where can I find it so that I can change import mapping before we push zhe button?



Currently there is an option to add another email to a contact, but you can't upload to it as far as I know. It's fairly useless because you can't use it for anything. 


Thanks @ecosenza for reaching out to me.

It´d be great to have that additional email addresses (plural) with full functionality thus association of inbound emails to a contact will work, no matter from which email that contact had sent an email to us.

Adding another contact per email address is consuming licensed contacts although it´s the same person. Not so nice... and truly not helping any HubSpot customer who for sure has the intention to have one comprehensive contact document for a person which contains all communication, web page visits, workflows ....


Certainly a missing feature that should quickly rise high on the prio list since it has qualitative and commercial impact.


@Arne @ecosenza 


One way to make this happen is through the merge contact api.... We've done it.


1. Import Contact A1 with email address #1

2. Import Contact A2 with email address #2

3. Make an api call to Merge Contact A2 into Contact A1

4. When merges occur hubspot will "add" the email address #2 to the list of emails on Contact A1, and email address #1 will be primary. Contact A2 no longer exists.


There are some missing details here.... but it can be done. PM if you want more details.




Its not ideal that there is no way to add further email addresses without either merging a contact or manually adding one. Im looking to run a workflow to add a secondary email address but the field cannot be addressed. 


need this


There is so much to read here.  


Bottom line, where is this idea in the planning stages? 




Dear HubSpot developer,

HubSpot provides us for the all-in-one software platform, however, either you are highly in tech or we are so much lagging behind. CRM, SALES, MARKETING, AND SERVICE, NOW WITH GROWTH - ALL IS CONNECTED. 

This input highly demands and we are asking for help in managing and keeping our contact as healthy with sending an email.



Hi guys,


We are trying to show to Hubspot's Team, that we really need to attach offline contacts to a campaign !


Please help us by Upvote this topic :



Thanks !


This idea is already implemented.


Screenshot 2019-07-30 at 9.22.28.png


This is a fake contact, no real info has been shared.



@Enchev Not in a meaningful way. You can't email the secondary address nor can you import to that field or export it.


You can email to the second address, but only after you've created the email in the first place.  Then you can click on the person's name and add the second email to the email, then delete the first email address.  We've found no other way to do it and there is no way to "email all email addresses for this contact" that we're aware of.


We're happy enough with the multiple email field as is, but there's so much else that's wrong with HubSpot these days that we've moved back to Excel and Trello.  I guess the shine is gone.



I wonder if a functionality where you could associate contact multiple records with each other (such as the existing functionality that allows you to create Parent/Child relationships between company records) may be a way to solve it.


You'd still have to designate one email/contact record as the primary ("Parent" contact).


Additional email/contact records for that person would then need to be associated with that record as "Child" contact record(s). 


All activity from the "Child" record(s) roll up into the activity feed of the "Parent" contact record. 


Perhaps this could resolve the issue without compromising the core functionality/configuration of the product. 


Just thought I'd throw an actual idea out there, since solutions tend to be more helpful than complaints 🙂 


I might be mis understanding what you're asking here but you can add two email addresses to a contact which then stores the activity in the contact or company record.  I often add additional email addresses to a contact or their PA's contact email to ensure we capture all activity.  


Yah, but seriously - it took 3 years for this to go from suggestion to implemented.  They still don't have tags.  There still isn't a way to customize the "follow-up in X days" fields, and there's a host of other things that point to HubSpot taking their Angel money and stock options and then sitting around not updating their app for years.


Oh, unless you want to pay for their market research.  That, they're willing to update.  But not the free or small change stuff.



This is a real challenge when you want to maintain a single view of customer/user. Solutions of adding custom fields with secondary email addresses are all good in well but you cant do anything with them when you need to communicate with them. In my opintion the simplest way to solve the issue would be expand on the exisitng functionality where by you can record more than one email address but allow custom tagging beyond the current single tag of "Primary" email address. Adding on the ability to add "Private" or "Personal" tags would be useful especially when you then come to do Marketing comms where you may choose to send to different addresses for different reasons.