Enter 2 email addresses for a contact

Some businesses benefit from entering 2 different email addresses for a single contact. For now, they create a custom property "secondary email", but if someone fills in a form with this secondary email, they have to manually merge the contact every time.

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Hi Roisin,

I am also coming across this issue. I recently switched to Hubspot from another CRM and did not realize until too late that only 1 email can be tracked. I agree with some of the comments above, that the main email should be the primary identifier, however, the software should have the capability to search multiple email fields, and attach the BCC'd/FWD'd email to the matching contact(s). It may be possible that one person shares a secondary email with someone else -- then the email should be copied to both contacts. This would prevent a lot of duplicate contacts being creaeted, which I must constantly merge manually in my CRM.

Thank you for considering this approach,


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I agree 100%. I've been entering the contacts twice, with separate emails. It just makes sense that there is a field for a second email.

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This is a HUGE issue with me. My target market is required to have their official business email monitored by compliance. As a result, there are messages that I need to send and track from their personal email address to avoid the monitoring. This is a MUST HAVE! With Microsoft adding a mini CRM to 365, I may have to use that instead if this isn't fixed. Particularly if they integrate it with LinkedIn.

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When I buy a bicycle I am not inerested how bearings work... I want to get from A to B and be my guest to add some requirements of comfort. Thus, what you wrote is an insight into the technical side of the topic - irrelevant for me, The User of HubSpot /if you don't mind the capitals/.

My two cents, email address as an ID of the contact-record is a... 'peculiar' decision.

Furthermore, I tried to associate/link/connect (whatever your jargon would be) a contact to more companies. Guess - did not work: left the last one only. It's more then common that people have roles in various organisations - this is the era of the startups, don't you agree?

Basicaly, I face certain situations when n:m relations of various items are part of the reality - to keep it on the technical side. Building a CRM and etc. apps based on 1:1 assumption... khm.

Btw, yes HubSpot has some cool features - there are bicycles with cool features that 'alter' the basic functionality. In the XXI. century, when IT resources are (almost) endless, keeping the code this simple is somewhere before the MVP. /again, my opinion/


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Most people have more than one email address (e.g. work and personal) so would be helpful to be able to store them all in one file as opposed to mutiple records. One primary default email (where campaigns are sent) and others which a customer may also use. 

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Sounds great - but why limit it to 2 emails? If you are going to create a secondary email - create an array of them.  We have clients who have multiple emails- some from the same company (eg. fred.flintstone@acme.com fred@acme.com fred.flintstone@acme.parentcorp.com) etc.  


I would set a primary email on a contact and then allow for 1 or more secondary emails.  When a new email is sent in via BCC, etc. you would look up that email against any and all primary and secondary emails to match to the client. 


When you merge customers (I currently have one customer with 3 emails), pick one to be the primary and shove all of the other emails in as secondary. 


We migrated from Pipedrive and their system worked that way - 



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Hi there, we recently switched from Salesforce to use HubSpot, but we too are very frustrated that we cannot use more than one email with a Contact.  We end up with multiple Contact records for one person now, it is a complete headache and we may need to switch back to the old Salesforce + MailChimp combination that was clunky and more manual in nature, but it certainly worked.


Community Managers, thank you for your responses, it is clear this isn't an easy switch for you all.  At Salesforce, the unique identifier is a unique, Salesforce Account Number -- why not do the same with a unique HubSpot Account Number and not have any fields like an email address be limited to just one on a Contact?  This is about as major a limitation as I can think of for HubSpot, please fix!

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This  is a basic flaw in Hubspot's VIEW OF THE WORLD. They think the CRM is a freebie that doesn't contribute to the financial well-being of their company, so they don't want to spend the money to fix it. Because it is free, they NOT US undervalue their CRM. If the CRM could handle multiple emails, then we would switch to it and probably take the money we are spending now on a CRM and put it toward Hubspot's other paid services. BUT we can't do that until the Hubspot CRM works like a real world, grown up CRM and allows more than one email address per record.

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I'll vote in favour of finding a way to add multiple email addresses. :-) 


Until then, though, a couple of points...


It's a kludge, but what I do is just let the CRM create a new contact.  When I see someone that I know is an existing customer at the top of my contact list, I know what's probably happened.  It takes 2 seconds to merge those contacts, and end up with all of the timeline information in one place.


Second... I'm a tester for the android version of the app.  One thing I've noticed is the exceptional responsiveness of the dev team.  For all the above posters that are feeling discouraged about Hubspot over this less than perfect functionality... I wouldn't worry too much.  IF there is a way to accommodate us, I'm sure it's in the works. :-)

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Hi @ChrisHanlon @TexKen @AllanArrow @Cameron_Smith @Géza_Molnár thank you all for your feedback on this thread. I do however urge you all to vote and comment on the official feature request for this idea, to ensure you are all taken into accout by the HubSpot product management team. Check it out here: IDEA: Enter 2 email addresses for a contact