Ensure hidden multicheck fields don't overwrite existing data

When creating a hidden multicheck field on a form, the submitted data will overwrite rather than append to the data in the existing contact property. 


For us and many of our clients, this isn't the expected behaviour. They are expecting the hidden multicheck field to append data to the multicheck field. 


Can the forms tool be updated so that multicheck fields (at least in hidden fields) can be set to either append or replace? 

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New Contributor

Yes completely agree! We discovered this issue recently by accident and couldn't believe it was overwriting by default. Please do provide the option to append or replace for form fields as it can cause us a number of problems where a contact needs to log multiple product interests. 

Occasional Contributor

Also agree. It is causing some issues in our data. It would be good if you could choose what multi check fields do as is the case when you add it to a workflow.