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Enrolling contacts at specific places in a workflow

It would be extremely helpful to our team to be able to enroll contacts at specific points in a workflow. It's been difficult for us to create work-arounds in order to do this, especially in workflows where many If/Then branches are needed. For example, in one case we wanted to send an email asking "Are you receiving our emails?" to contacts who didn't open the previous 3 emails. If they didn't open that email, we wanted to send them to a different workflow; if they did open it, it would have been great to send them back to a specific point in the same workflow. This has come up as a problem for our team in several situations. 

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May 10, 2021 08:46 AM

Hey everyone,


We don't currently have anything planned to solve this. However, if & when we come back to it, we will be sure to update this thread. Thank you for all the thoughts & context here.




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This would be very helpful!


HubSpot team, we have the exact same need. We need to be able to re-enroll a contact, but at an advanced step in the workflow. Below is a general outline of the problem we are facing related to this features gap. 


1. Contacts enroll to workflow X via Active Lists criteria/triggers

2. Contacts will receive a series of emails.
3. Depending on whether they show intent (by clicking on the link in our email), the workflow automatically enrolls Contact(s) into a HubSpot Sequence. 
4. If they do not respond to our targeted Sequence, they should return to workflow X (at an advanced workflow step) to continue marketing outreach. 

The main challenge is point #4. How to re-enroll contacts back into workflow X at step 5, for example?


Thank you all for any guidance here. 


Why hasn't this feature been implemented for ten years?


Hi @EGolborne @jtremblay @glencornell!!


Has something changed since last update on May 10, 2021, regarding this idea?