Enrolling contacts at specific places in a workflow

It would be extremely helpful to our team to be able to enroll contacts at specific points in a workflow. It's been difficult for us to create work-arounds in order to do this, especially in workflows where many If/Then branches are needed. For example, in one case we wanted to send an email asking "Are you receiving our emails?" to contacts who didn't open the previous 3 emails. If they didn't open that email, we wanted to send them to a different workflow; if they did open it, it would have been great to send them back to a specific point in the same workflow. This has come up as a problem for our team in several situations. 

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I can't upvote this enough!! 


A lot of time you have time sensitive workflows that you need to be able to add new people in - or have a criteria that if the contact has done the enrollment criteria that they be sent the first email and then join in where the rest of the group might be on the workflow. 

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100% agree with this Idea. I have spent a lot of time duplicating and recreating workflows for enrolment at certain stages.

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Yes! This.

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This is a must! We have some complex  and long workflows running, moving people through the awareness, consideration and decision phase, but currently they have to be divided into (a lot of) different workflows in order for people to enter the workflow at different stages.

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Sometimes workflows are data sensitive. Adding a new contact at the beginning just doesn't make sense. There should be an "Add Contact" button at each stage of the Workflow. Especially where there are delays.


You could even create two different types of workflows - dynamic (what you have now) and static, where when you add a contact, it adds them to the location of already existing contacts in the workflow.

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Agreed with all of the use cases mentioned above! This feature would enable us to create workflows with higher complexity and save time

Would be so much better than breaking workflows into tiny pieces - what seems to be a workaround right now.

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Hi Everyone,

Upvoted this - yes please!

I notice complex workflows are the norm, an idea to reconnect branches is in planning.
It asks for branches to be reconnected to the main branch once an exception is dealt with - in most cases this would negate the need to clone branches over and over again - since this feature is in planning you could vote and request the branches connect to any section not just the main branch - if this would be of help to you.


I know it doesnt help with the enrolment issue, but in case your interested:

Vote here: