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Enroll members in the middle steps of a workflow



It would be very helpful if we can enroll members (manually or enrolling them from another workflow) not from the top but from one of the steps. 


EG: I have a flow where there's a delay, and I want to enroll a member manually. If I enroll them, they will have to go through the delay, although I don't want them to wait. I could enroll them in the step right after the delay to get them through the rest of the flow straight away.


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I would also find this very helpful! 


+1 yes please!! I work at a school/nonprofit, and we use workflows to support admissions nurturing. My goal is to be as customer-centric as possible and ensure that the messaging they receive is as relevant as possible, and of course HubSpot makes this easy in lots of ways. My case is a little different than OP's, which is also a good one that would be valuable, but mostly I want to have this feature to correct for human error. We have limited resources, so every admissions season I'm building out the flows bit by bit. Sometimes I mess up the logic, or I don't add a long enough delay step for them to sit in, or whatever — then, they end up completing the workflow, and I want to put them back somewhere in the middle so that they can receive the comms they haven't gotten already. I know I can achieve this in some way using branches, and I do that, but it can get out of hand. Also, I get that enrolling a contact in the middle of the workflow makes goal completion reporting challenging or it adds a caveat, but I don't care about the reporting as much as I care about a great user experience.