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Enroll in Subscriptions from the Admin Backend

In order to use HubSpot Payments for many of our clients, we need to be able to take a despoit using a payment link. Then, once we have the credit card on file, we need to be able to enroll the customer in a subscription later that day or the following day on the back end, so the customer does not need to do anything, like fill out another payment form.


When the customer completes subscription #1, we should be able to enroll them in a second subscription without filling out another payment form/quote/invoice. (They sign a second agreement in a third-party program).


Right now, we need to enroll people in the subscription from Stripe, which does not take advantage of the tracking in HS. 


Example: I use a payment link to take a $1 deposit on the phone with the customer to validate their credit card and then add the customer to a $2000/month subscription later in the day without them having to do anything (like fill out another payment form).