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Enroll contacts in sequence queue, on the same date

Currently, when using Sequence queues, the enrollment date for the first step in the Sequence defaults to "Send as soon as possible". 


This makes it hard to bulk enroll contacts in Sequences on a set date. It would be great if we could have an option to set the Sequence enrollment date to a specific date, and then this could be applied to all contacts in the Sequence Queue. This would help to cut down on a lot of unnecessary clicks (at least 4 per contact enrolled).


2019-10-28 12.52.25.gif

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Yes please! Super necessary.


+1 this would be incredibly helpful. Would have saved me over an hour of work just yesterday if this was a real feature and I can see myself needing this in the future as well.


Wow! This is an extremely useful feature that would save us some time!