Enroll Companies in a Workflow Straight From All Companies List Page


Currently, you are able to go onto the All contacts list > select contacts by clicking off the checkboxes > clicking "more" > and clicking "enroll in workflow". While you can do this for contacts, you CANNOT do this for companies... it would be really beneficial if this feature was consistent between both contacts and companies!

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Thanks for creating this idea.  I agree. I  would like to be able to do this.


Without the ability to enroll a company list into a workflow, it creates a lot of extra work, and the need for work arounds in order to get the companies enrolled. Please add this capability.


This is a great idea - would be very helpful for it to function like contacts. I've had to temporarily edit company workflow trigger criteria to manage the need to bulk enroll.


Came across this just recently which makes it unnecessarily hard to do contact segmenatation based on their associated companies.


Common use case would be: List/Mail/create task for all contacts that are associated with a company on the list "Target Accounts EU"


Currently you can work around this by setting a custom property for companies on a list (Bulk Edit). But far from ideal.