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Enhanced Property Management for Multiple Objects

Dear HubSpot Team,


I am writing to propose an idea for an enhancement that could streamline property management within HubSpot, particularly when it comes to assigning properties to multiple objects.


Problem: Currently, users encounter challenges when needing the same properties across different objects. The existing process requires creating these properties individually for each object, leading to potential inconsistencies in naming conventions. Additionally, when updates are necessary, users must navigate through each property for every object, increasing the risk of oversight and the inadvertent omission of properties.


Idea Overview: The proposed feature involves the ability to assign a property to multiple objects simultaneously. This functionality aims to address the aforementioned challenges by providing a more efficient and consistent way to manage properties across various objects.


Introducing a feature that allows users to select multiple objects and assign a specific property to all of them in one go would be great.



  1. Time Efficiency: Users can save time by updating properties across multiple objects simultaneously, reducing the need for repetitive actions.

  2. Consistency: The proposed feature promotes consistency in property management, as users can apply predefined templates and avoid discrepancies in property values.

  3. Reduced Errors: With centralized management and templates, the likelihood of errors in property definition and updates is minimized, contributing to data accuracy.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: The introduction of bulk assignment and centralized management features improves the overall user experience within HubSpot, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

We believe that implementing this feature would significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of property management within HubSpot.


Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the possibility of seeing this feature come to fruition in future HubSpot updates.



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great idea


Great proposal! Streamlining property management across multiple objects is crucial for efficiency. The suggested feature would undoubtedly save time, ensure consistency, and minimize errors, enhancing the overall user experience. Considering the benefits, implementing this enhancement in HubSpot would be a game-changer. Additionally, for users looking for efficient property management, exploring solutions like philadelphia property management could complement and further optimize their experience.