Enhance SSO integration to reduce manual user interaction through "log in with SSO" link

The step to manually type in an email address in order to log in via SSO is irritating to users. Using techniques to reduce the need to manually enter an email address after clicking "log in via SSO" via https://app.hubspot.com/login/ would improve the UX when integrating SSO providers. I understand that the email address is the simplest way to identify what SAML provider to use when logging users in, but there are multiple options available to reduce the need for manual interaction for this purpose. A few examples:


1> Let organizations set source address lists to associate an office IP range with their accounts, thus allowing HubSpot to identify what SAML provider/profile to use without any user interaction.


2> After a user enters their email address via https://app.hubspot.com/login/sso. Set a cookie, or use another source fingerprinting method, to associate that system+browser to the user so that subsiquent logins can skip the manual interaction.


3> Include more providers in the SSO list. You aready provide a dedicated link for logging in via Google. But you could easily provide links to the top half dozen SSO providers and simplify logging in for a great majority of your SSO users.



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