Enhance Auto-associate companies

We need a more granular way to control company auto associations. I want companies to be autoassociated when the company record exists, but I do not want company records to be auto-created. So there should be two switches where there is currently one.


Auto associate contacts to existing companies On/Off

Auto create companies to associate contacts On/Off


This way I can control what company records get created and auto associate contacts to company records I choose to have exist.


Others who want all contacts associated automatically and want companies created automatically can turn on both switches.

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Totally agree with this.  Running into this issue now.  Also need a way to trigger an association with companies after they are created.  Thanks for submitting this.


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Separation of this option would fix another problem with the CRM. I would love to have this feature to create and associate separately. I don't want creation, just the association exactly as @dtwing1 is suggesting.


Side note: after a long thread and several contributions, they just fixed it so that we can turn off HubSpot Company Insights altogether which fixed ONE of my problems. Given the work on that feature just being completed by the HubSpot development team, RIGHT NOW would be an excellent time to implement this. No better time than when you've just spent a bit looking over the necessary code changes.  Wish I had referenced this in the other thread. I'll go back and put in a link to here. Maybe we can get some traction on it.

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I desperately need auto associate but I can't switch it on because of company auto create...

Last time I switched it on I, well, Hubspot, created over 40k (forty thousand!) companies!


Please please seperate these two features - please please!

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Please please split these two features. 

 Please please