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I just began testing out the reporting add-on, which we were hoping would allow us to track calls and emails by lifecycle stage of the associated Contact or Company.


Unfortunately, it looks like that's not a possible filter which means all of our Customer calls/emails get grouped in to the total. Considering this is supposed to be a sales focused CRM, I'm really surprised you can't track the outreach performance of each team member based on calls and emails to new clients. If we could even apply a Saved Filter to an Engagements report, or measure Contacts by Engagements and Lifecycle Stage, that would be better than having to manually count it out (which removes the point of having a reporting add-on). 


For an add-on that costs $200/month, the functionality seems ridiculously lacking compared to other CRM's we've used in the past. The inability to group by different types of records was something we had no trouble doing elsewhere, and I'm surprised they can get away with charging this much for something without such core features. 


Hopefully more features will be added to make the reporting tool worth it, but until then I don't think we'll be able to justify the cost once our trial is over. 

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I agree. Engagement reporting is a needed feature. Need to have filters for both reports and views. 

filter on Engagement date, Engagement type and for calls outcome and type

For example show contacts with or without an engagement:

Engagement date < 30 days ago

Engagement type = Call

call outcome = Connected

Call type = Discovery


Also, there is the contact property "Number of Sales Activities" However, having fields for each engagement type is needed for individual rep reporting. 

"Number of Sales Calls"

"Number of Sales Emails"

"Number of Meetings"

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This is an absolute must have.  We have set up specific call and meeting types on our HubSpot to differentiate between our Telesales and Field Sales teams.  HubSpot kindly created a report for me which now shows me by Call/Meeting Type and by Salesperson how many activities have taken place over different periods of time.  I want to be able to see the Company names on a report too, but so far have only been able to get into the back of the report and I can see by Contact, which is of absolute no use.  Come on HubSpot please get the back office functionality working correctly if you are a CRM tool