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I am syncing my InContact calls by creating a contact Engagement Type=CALL.   I have 15 call dispositions in my call center and only 2 map to Hubspot's standard dispositions.  Can you create the ability for admins to add their own call dispositions (via API is fine).  So that I can create call dispositions in hubspot that match our call center software?

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Did you ever figure a solution out for this? We are in a similar situation would like to add additional dispositions.

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Hi Mike,

Not exactly.  We decided not to go with InContact, however I added the disposition to the body of the engagement.

Using a JSON POST script- 

This is a google aps script I wrote for testing:


function createCallEngagement() {

var url = 'https://api.hubapi.com/engagements/v1/engagements?hapikey=yourhapikey';

var data =
"engagement" : {
"active": true,
"ownerId": 1,
"type": "CALL",
"timestamp": 1543273863000
"associations": {
"contactIds": [1635257],
"companyIds": [ ],
"dealIds": [ ],
"ownerIds": [ ]
"metadata": {
"toNumber" : "8005551212",
"fromNumber" : "8882226666",
"status" : "COMPLETED",
"externalId" : "InContactRecordId",
"durationMilliseconds" : 0,
"externalAccountId" : "InContactAgentId",
"disposition" : "f240bbac-87c9-4f6e-bf70-924b57d47db7",
"body" : "Joy was here from google apps script"

var payload = JSON.stringify(data);

var options =
"contentType" : "application/json",
"method" : "post",
"payload" : payload,
"followRedirects" : true,
"muteHttpExceptions" : true

var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options);



Good luck