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Enforced formatting in properties/fields

Enforce formatting in properties

Data cleanliness is key in marketing and sales business, especially if certain functions of HubSpot are depending on a certain level of standardization.

Prio #1: Telephone numbers

Enforcing international format will help a ton since calling an international number from within HubSpot without county code doesn’t work.

+49 ...., +1 etc. should be enforced with dropdown property to make sure it’s always present. Best would be to pre-populate that based on the selected country (if available).

Other things could be capital letters at the beginning of certain fields, eg first name, last name, street, city, country, state, county etc.

Information that comes from e.g. forms is often not fullfilling such standards and it‘d be just the right place to fix this at field/property level automatically.

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Unfortunately, I have to add something to above idea.


I just noticed that HubSpot Calling does not support telephone numbers which are written in the following way.

This 0049 or 001 and so on phone numbers are supported by any telephone provider on Earth but not by HubSpot Calling.

Please fix this bug asap.


Invalid phone number for HubSpot calling.png

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They implemented phone formats in forms, but not in CRM. Admins should be able to establish data validation on phone number fields and select a global format for a phone number property from a setting. Some may want to enforce +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx, others (xxx) xxx-xxxx, and others xxx-xxx-xxxx, and others xxxxxxxxxx. There may be even more formats.


This is a functionality that I thought would be fairly routine.  I already encountered this after working with HubSpot for a few days with the most obvious use case - PHONE NUMBERS.  Please implement this functionality in CRM.

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This seems like basic functionality in basic applications like Excel and on websites. Cannot figure out why things like this take so long to implement at HubSpot.


It will be great if we could lock certain formats on the properties.


This helps to keep the data clean. Not only phone numbers but also other customized fields. At the moment I need one date type but only by month and year not day, if we were capable of locking a text field with certain format we could do it! 

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@krispag I wanted to see where you saw the formatting for phone numbers in forms. This would be great if it was available. Thanks!


Yes, please! This seems necessary for many departments, including our marketing department. We need the ability to have the system catch the formatting on fields such as "First Name", "Last Name", etc. That way, when sending out marketing emails and using personalization tokens, the system is set up to be more efficient and friendlier to use. Right now we are having to rely on our sales team to catch all of the formatting errors on their own which seems tedious when the capability (illustrated by example on most CRM and tech platforms) is out there.