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Enforce unique email address for a tracking cookie

Migrated from legacy feedback forum with 246 votes


When two different people convert from the same browser (tracking cookie), HubSpot overwrites the contact each time with the new email address and form data. This is the last thing we would ever want to happen. There is a setting to disable cookie tracking on a form, but we don't want to lose valuable analytics data either.


The use case for when someone will come back to our site with the same tracking cookie, and want to update their email address to a new one, is very very rare. On the other hand, the use case for multiple people filling out forms from the same computer/device is much more broad. It happens all the time and when we least expect it. It has happened to many of our clients who get frustrated and upset when they see valid leads getting overwritten in HubSpot because of some cookie technology they don't understand.


Can we please have a setting, either Contacts-wide or per-form, that will enforce unique email addresses for a tracking cookie? If a different email address converts on a form with an existing contact associated, HubSpot should create a new contact. That new contact would then have no cookie associated until the person identified themselves from a unique cookie.


Please HubSpot, we know you can find a solution for this!

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New Contributor

 Hi Shay, 


We have the exact same problem. One of the solutions that was presented to us (when this happens because a contact has forwarded an email  to a colleague that later fills out a form on a landing page, for example) was to put the Social Sharing module to share the web version of the email


Hope this helps. 


If anyone as discover a temporary workaround please let us know. 



- Mariana