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End Date for a Subscription Payment Link

In our case, we provide fitness training, and often this fitness training is in preparation for a specific race or event.  These events are on a specific date.  For example, we may put together a group of athletes that are training for a triathlon that is scheduled for January 21st.  


In this case, we often have a set start date that we will start the training, generally 23 weeks prior to the race.  However, there will be athletes that for whatever reason do not start on the date that we start the training.  They may start a month, 2 or even 3 months later.


What we typically do is charge them per month for each month that they are getting the training.  However, given the current limitations on the payment links / subscriptions, this is not possible to configure.  I can either say that it continues until it is cancelled, which is definitely not ideal, because then someone has to go in and cancel it once the race data approaches.  Or I can indicate the number of times they will be charge, which again is not useful, because if an athlete starts 3 months late, we do not want them to be charged for the 3 months post race for training that they are not recieving.  


What we really need is a way to set a date that the subscription would end, so we could set that date as the race date, and then once that date passes, they would their subscription would be automatically cancelled as fully completed, which is exactly how it should work.