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Enable views editing by other users or teams

Hello community 👋 and product team ✌️



Today it is possible to create and pin your own custom views within contacts, companies, deals, tickets and more (lets use the word objects from now on). A HubSpot user may edit columns, filters and save these according to their own preferences. 


A view 👀 can either be standard, created by me, or created by others (see picture and ignore Swedish content). Once a view has been created by me no one else can edit this view and save it for all users 👥 - instead they have to clone their own version of the view in order to change it. 







We are growing our company fast  and we want to be able to scale our staff up and down without it affecting the infrastructure of what we have created. If one staff member decides to quit and move on to a new company - and that staff member being a core creator of the views that all other HubSpot users in our portal uses - we could be in big problem.


Why? All these views created by others can be pinned to my default view. I will have a standard set of up to 5 views in my portal that I will use in my day to day management. If the staff member that created that view quits users could be stuck 🔒 with old standard views in their pin bar without knowing. 




Idea for solution (proposal for the product team) 🤗

There are several ways to solve this issue. Some better than others. I would really love them all to be delivered 👍 but as we all know thats not always possible. 


A) Make it possible to pass ownership of a view

Make it possible for a view owner to pass the ownership (and there by the uniqe rights to edit the view) to an other HubSpot user of the same portal. 


B) Make it possible to collaborate in creating standardized views

Make a setting so that a view can be collaborated on by all HubSpot users. Once a change is made by once user it will affect all others. Perhaps a small information box upon saving the view informing the user that it will affect all other accounts. 


C) Make it possible to set up ownership of a view to a team

Make a setting so that a view can be collaborated on by a specific team of HubSpot users. Once a change is made by once user in that team it will affect all other users (in the team or not). Also here recommended to have a small information box upon saving the view informing the user that it will affect all other accounts. 

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This is a fantastic idea and one which we need despritly. I work for a small charity and when setting up HubSpot I was frustrated by the fact that I could not set up views for my team and then reassign/work colaboritively on them. Please fasttrack!



a need! 


+1. This is a  must so super admins can create and then pass over views tp other s to others manage in the team


Also adding my view to this - absolutely critical as a COO at an SME - why isn't this possible?


+1 need this functionality


This would be a very nice tool to allow at least super admins, not sure how it would effect the total. You can however, view the other person view take a screenshot of the filter settings then remake. Save the rule, then delete the other persons rule. 


Maybe creating, a new user and dedicate this user to create all the views. 

This should be added - HubSpot Community - Prevent users from creating object views - HubSpot Community




Adding my +1 as this is a need for cleaning up views/properties made by former users

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As a partner, we create views for our clients and want to be able to assign them to the right manager. We need to be able to change filter view ownership. Right now, I create them, have the right manager copy the filter and then I delete the one I created. Not slick.


+1 for this. Huge hole in Super Admin permissions to not manage Views.