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Enable views editing by other users or teams

Hello community 👋 and product team ✌️



Today it is possible to create and pin your own custom views within contacts, companies, deals, tickets and more (lets use the word objects from now on). A HubSpot user may edit columns, filters and save these according to their own preferences. 


A view 👀 can either be standard, created by me, or created by others (see picture and ignore Swedish content). Once a view has been created by me no one else can edit this view and save it for all users 👥 - instead they have to clone their own version of the view in order to change it. 







We are growing our company fast  and we want to be able to scale our staff up and down without it affecting the infrastructure of what we have created. If one staff member decides to quit and move on to a new company - and that staff member being a core creator of the views that all other HubSpot users in our portal uses - we could be in big problem.


Why? All these views created by others can be pinned to my default view. I will have a standard set of up to 5 views in my portal that I will use in my day to day management. If the staff member that created that view quits users could be stuck 🔒 with old standard views in their pin bar without knowing. 




Idea for solution (proposal for the product team) 🤗

There are several ways to solve this issue. Some better than others. I would really love them all to be delivered 👍 but as we all know thats not always possible. 


A) Make it possible to pass ownership of a view

Make it possible for a view owner to pass the ownership (and there by the uniqe rights to edit the view) to an other HubSpot user of the same portal. 


B) Make it possible to collaborate in creating standardized views

Make a setting so that a view can be collaborated on by all HubSpot users. Once a change is made by once user it will affect all others. Perhaps a small information box upon saving the view informing the user that it will affect all other accounts. 


C) Make it possible to set up ownership of a view to a team

Make a setting so that a view can be collaborated on by a specific team of HubSpot users. Once a change is made by once user in that team it will affect all other users (in the team or not). Also here recommended to have a small information box upon saving the view informing the user that it will affect all other accounts. 

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We need this too! It is very important for us.

We do Hubspot implementations for client so we are users for a specific period of time. We need to pass ownership somehow to our clientes, we want to help them creating the views and delivering all views created.


Small/Medium-sized companies need this desperately. 


Teams are small and when we have employee turnover views created by those users become antiquated quickly and we would like to go in as Admins and make the necessary changes. 


Please fast-track this so we can keep our process changes and data clean and keep everyone on the same page.






agreed, this is a need for our company as well.


We desperately need this functionality. Ownership of views by a team would be an excellent addition. I want to be able to say a group of people can update it. Perhaps even selecting specific users, just like we can with reports and dashboards. We've also run into the issue with views not being transferrable.


This would be a great improvement!


Not only does it make sense from a collaboration standpoint, but also a data management one. I recently ran into an issue when replacing and removing some old properties. A property in use can't be deleted. If a property is used as a column or filter in a view then the view's owner will need to remove the property beforehand. Even as a super admin, I can't make changes to someone else's view and therefore can't delete the properties.


We're running into the same issue a @maddyp 

A property used for a short period of time (test) should now be removed - but it's used in a few views that blocks the possibility of archiving. 


According to HubSpot Support, the ONLY way to resolve this is to DELETE the views. 

I.e. me (as a superadmin) needs to delete view without knowing who is using them or what they're using it for. And since I can't even find out who is the owner, there's no way of contacting them in advance (or help them edit the view.. ) 


Hubspot, the super admin role becomes a lot harder when we can't even keep our database clean from old and no longer used properties. 



Just to echo what has been mentioned before, I'm also trying to archive a property that has been used in 16 views. I contacted Customer Support and I was told that I have two options:

1. Delete the view - Not really possible to delete 16 views just to archive a property

2. Remove the property from the 16 views - Also not a trivial since the view owner is not displayed so I'm unsure who to contact, also for the case where the original owner has left the company, deletion is the only option...

It seems like there is a permissions hole in the Super Admin role.


+1 ...

I've got 30+ reps working out of the Hubspot Service Tickets, it's nuisance when we need to changed the filter cirteria or columns for some of their pinned views -- first we have to ask everyone which views they have pinned, then figure out who the creater/owner of each of those views is (not easy since Hubspot doesn't list that important info), then explain to those view owners all the tweaks we need them to make to those views...

Or we have to create new views instead, and then explain to everyone which new views they need to replace their old views with -- but then the next time we need to update the views, we're back in the same pickle of being limited to the original view creators/owners being able to update those views. If they're no longer working for the company or are on vacation, we have to start over from scratch...

And as noted above, this gets even messier when getting into more complex operations like trying to delete old properties that are in use by other's old views.


It makes sense that not everyone should be able to edit everyone else's views on the fly -- but admins at least should be able to change views that have been shared with the team, regardless of the original view-owner.


Collaboration is the key in creating standardized views, especially for SME's like us. Please HubSpot have this sooooooon!


Can only echo what everybody else is writing. Please fasttrack this if you want to support scaling companies. Thanks!!!


The original post for this really outlines the use case very well. Our company as well falls under the use case where one employee will create views, and everyone in our team uses those views and works off of those views. But as time evolves and things change, we need to update our views and our only options are for the original creator to do the updates, or for someone else to do the update and create a new view. The issue with the new view is now everyone must be notified, and actually make the switch to using the new view. 

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I wanted to share that there's a Japanese Community member who brought up this idea with me and expressed how this feature would be helpful to their day-to-day work. I will link the JP Community thread here for the Product Team's future reference.

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I'm mindblown that Super Admins cannot edit/remane/delete Views of any HubSpot Users.

As of right now, it's also extremely difficult to even find out who owns/created a view as there is no "show views of all users" option anymore since the User Interface update for Views. For Accounts with 100+ Users, managing Views gets impossible. From my point of view, this seems to be rather a Tool Bug than a "nice to have" Community Idea to be honest.

And, there's another dimension to this: even a Super Admin cannot delete a Property if it's being "used" in a View (read "shown in a View") by anyone on the Account. Combined with the View managing issues described above this creates total chaos. 

@karstenkoehler Tagging you here to see if you have a workaround for this; or as an alternative, if you could use your HubSpot ties to get this on their priority list. 😉


A need for our company as well. 

As admin you would like to help your users and get them the right view.


This is our company requirement too. This is frustating. Why does it needs to be so twisted?


A very much needed feature. Cleaning up properties where, for example, two properties with similar purposes have been created and could be combined becomes a major project if the property you want to retire has been included in a view.

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This is a fantastic idea - as @PWildcroft mentioned - cleaning up and retiring properties can become cumbersome due to this. 


This is very much needed for our company too. I get many requests to update views, but I am unable to do so since I did not create them. My options are to either delete currently used views and coordinate the use of the new ones with 50+ reps or to just tell them that this cannot be done. As a super admin, this needs to be an available permission.


Definitely needed! As a minimum Admins need to be able to take over Ownership of views for Removed Users.