Enable to use multiple template for subscription pages

Currently, we can only use 1 template for subscription update page. 

We use 1 email address for multiple email type and I do not think our contacts are aware of that. 

Therefore, I assume that when contact click on the link, they may get surprized with multiple selection for email types that they can subscribe. 

It would be nice if we can use separate email template based on different email type. 

For example. 

Email type A use Template A for subscription update page

Email type B use Template B for subscription update page

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Enable to use multiple template for subscription pagesHubSpot Product Team
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This definitely is needed for users with multiple brand domains.

I have two domains connected to my account.

right now if I send an email from xyz.com all the links and branding are xyz.com (except the reformatted tracking links but that is a differnet issue) and the contact clicks unsubscribe they are directed to abc.com to unsubscribe with is a disjointed user experience.




Agree.  Without this, multile brand domains' emails will get very confusing to customers.

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We also have multiple brands with different subscription types and branding requirements. We are struggling to use one contact preference centre.