Enable to use multiple template for subscription pages


Currently, we can only use 1 template for subscription update page. 

We use 1 email address for multiple email type and I do not think our contacts are aware of that. 

Therefore, I assume that when contact click on the link, they may get surprized with multiple selection for email types that they can subscribe. 

It would be nice if we can use separate email template based on different email type. 

For example. 

Email type A use Template A for subscription update page

Email type B use Template B for subscription update page

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This definitely is needed for users with multiple brand domains.

I have two domains connected to my account.

right now if I send an email from xyz.com all the links and branding are xyz.com (except the reformatted tracking links but that is a differnet issue) and the contact clicks unsubscribe they are directed to abc.com to unsubscribe with is a disjointed user experience.




Agree.  Without this, multile brand domains' emails will get very confusing to customers.


We also have multiple brands with different subscription types and branding requirements. We are struggling to use one contact preference centre.

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We also have this issue and need a solution for it. 5 different brands with different email types in one account. Would be nice to have a feature like the one for the system pages that can be assigned per domain/brand




same here, big need as we've got multiple domains = multiple preference center. (Hubspot enterprise)


Our workaround planned is to create fields in the contact database, create forms per domain and then workflows to populate the back-end subscription fields.





We have the same issue for one of our clients where showing different subscriptions to different types of users is essential. 


Clients use case:

They have subscriptions that are for everyone and specific subscriptions that only shows customer-related information (specific relevant events and content that are only for customers to see). When a normal user (not a customer) goes to their subscription page they can also subscribe to lists that are absolutely not relevant for them.


Our client has the ambition to migrate all their marketing tools to Hubspot, but this feature is keeping them from doing so because it looks kinda sloppy that we can't show only relevant subscriptions on that page.


Possible solution:

As mentioned before it would be nice to either make the single subscription page smart based on lifecycle stages or on the other hand the option to make different subscription pages for lifecycle stages. The first solution would be most beneficial of course. 


I agree ! Extremely important for us to have this also!


Hi - any news on this topic ? It seems that it has been in planning since 2017...

We are using Hubspot Enterprise for a group of 5 companies, and would love to be able to create 5 separate subscription/preference centers in Hubspot. Same goes for data privacy and content options - we need to be able to adapt the company name (and privacy policy link) for each company.

As of today, we need to custom create everything - as you can imagine, not necessarily what we had in mind when we subscribed to Hubspot Marketing Enterprise with 5 brand domains...


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We're also struggling with this, with a client who uses a single portal for two of its very different subsidiary brands. It's a delicate line to toe, writing the language of unsubscribing from one or both brands, and why both brands (which aren't in any way linked IRL) are in a single unsubscribe page.


We need to be able to have unsubscribe/preference/confirm pages for each of the brands. Being able to create and tweak the module for custom unsubscribe pages would be a godsend. It could be a requirement that the "unsubscribe from all" would have to be on every one, for compliance.


Where do I sign up to beta test this once the beta is availble? 




yes please!


We have the same problem in our company.

It would be nice to heve this feature. Recently we've got an email from one if our subscribers. He was shocked when he saw in how many subscribtions list he has been automaticly added.
In the consequence he unsubscribed from all of them.


A Must have ! Expecially with Branding Domains on Hubspot Enterprise...


Yes, we need this too. Hubspot, if you are reading, please do this.


Just to echo the many requests to enable multiple templates set up for communication preferences and unsubscribe pages. This is really needed with GDPR in place. I have three brands in my Enterprise accounts.

Please expedite this as soon as you can. thank you!


Super important feature.. Can't believe it doesn't exist yet!!! 😮


yes please


Would love to hear an update on this one.


Updates yet?


This is really important at our end - any word on updates?