Enable the 'Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app' setting

When attempting to add the upgraded HubSpot visualforce page to a tab in the Lightning object Edit page in Salesforce, the visualforce pages are not available.  Please enable the 'Available for Lightning Experience, Lightning Communities, and the mobile app' setting to the HubSpot visualforce pages.  I would be nice not to be restricted to adding the visualforce page components to the already cluttered page layouts.  

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While the Visualforce page works if embedded as part of a classic layout on a Lightning page, things work as designed, but being able to add HubSpot's pages as its own Visualforce component on a Lightning page would be a big win for those who want to design custom pages in Lightning.

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I was able to build a workaround for this. My use case was building a Lightning page on the account record (I can't confirm yet if it would work for other objects.

  1. Build a new account field: 18 Digit Account Id
    This produces an 18 digit version of the typical 15 digit Id - necessary for the api call that hubspot does.
  2. Build a new Lightning enabled visualforce page using the old api call as a template, but changing the id field
<apex: page sidebar="false" StandardController="Account">
    <apex:iframe height="315px" width="100%" scrolling="true" src="https://api.hubapi.com/sfdc/v1/visualforce/{!$Organization.Id}/{!Account.X18DigitAccountId__c}/{!$User.Email}" />
</apex: page>

 Note: I had to add an extra space after apex: and before page as it wants to change it to an emoji

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That's awesome, @jonathan_ada, thank you for letting us know.

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yes, absolutely! Those of us who integrate with Sales really want the sales people to get that great Hubspot data. And we want to take advantage of what the newer Salesforce Lightning allows- greater flexibility. 


Come on Hubspot, you've already got a VF page, it's probably not that hard to make it work in a Lightning component. 

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Need Hubspot VisualForce page to be Lightning-ready! Please enable the existing VF page in Lightning or create a Lightning Component.




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I just wanted to make sure the folks at HubSpot knew how simple it would be to resolve this idea and make the Visualforce pages available beyond the Details section of the page layout.  The checkbox I have highlighted in the screenshot below would just need to be checked for all of the HubSpot Visualforce pages for Leads, Accounts and Contacts.


Enable for Lightning.png

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This is a fantastic idea. Our lightning details layout is so cluttered it's unusable. Please check the box mentioned by @MarcLester 

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I got sales who want it on the mobile phone app.

I tried iframe and apex page within apex pages and hubspot code did not allow it.


So its left to hubspot to update this.


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It's frustrating that this hasn't been updated by Hubspot -- I've included steps to a workaround above:


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hey @jonathan_ada  tried that but it says Error: The installed managed class HubSpot_Inc.HubSpotController is not visible. Looked up the error message and it said it could be version missmatch on the apex. So tried to match it with the current working one (saleforce version 20) still nothing.

Adding Hubspot integration 3.0 to it as well.

Still nothing.

Reinstalled Hubspot last month to the latest version of the Salesforce addon, running winter 19 so all up to date here.


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Ah! Take out the 


piece entirely as all it does it replace the 15 digit record id with the 18 digit version. Since we'll still need an 18 digit version, do that on the record itself with a new formula field (as I outline in step 1)

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@jonathan_ada  it now displays in a section of the mobile app, except now it keeps asking for login credentials, when you try to add them it pops up a webpage outside of the mobile app environment.


Hardcoding a user / pass does not sound secure, suggestions sir?


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Really hoping this will be a feature added to the HubSpot integration package soon.