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Enable staging brandkits

We're doing a website redesign for a company on HubSpot that's doing a full brand overhaul. The content staging feature in HubSpot works really well, especially if you're using the existing brand kit and themes.


However, if you're doing a website redesign for a new brand your options are more limited. You either have to add the new colours to your existing brand kit (and work around not pulling logos through from the brand kit) or ignore the brandkit completely. If you add the new colours to the existing brand kit these end up being labelled things like 'tertiary colour' and you avoid being able to pull through the 'primary colour' tags until these are manually updated after the launch.


This creates a lot of manual switching that's needed at launch, including updates to the code.


A simple solution would be to enable all portals to have a staging brand kit to use in content staging and development. You could toggle this to become the Primary brand kit at launch and see the change instantly rolled out across emails, meetings, website...basically everywhere the brand kit is used.


Content staging and template development can reference the staging brand kit to correctly reference the right colours and logos.

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Key Advisor | Partner

Hi @Thomas_Vanguard this is a really great idea to have a brand kit associated with content staging.


I've run into similar situations and have found using a child theme with updated theme settings is a great way to rebrand without having to mess with code, the logo is still a manual switch within the global header/footer, but once you replace it in the brand kit, you could just undo the override in the theme settings.


Not sure if this would work for your use-case, just thought I would throw it out there just in case 🙂