Enable social sign in / sign up / login on landing pages and forms

With more and more people using mobile devices to consume content, it's time consuming and fiddly for visitors to your website to fill out a multi-field form on a landing page by typing in text on a small screen. 


Some other landing page tools (and standalone third party tools) offer a feature where you can have a "sign up using LinkedIn/Google/Facebook/Twitter" to access content, where it then connects with the person's chosen social account and pulls their name and email address (and any other info you choose) from there. 


This takes away the typing in of multiple form fields on a small screen and replaces it with a one click experience for users to access gated content via landing pages. 


Here is an example from an article discussing this as an easy way to increase landing page conversions: 


social login.jpg



This is not new technology (the above article is 3 years old). HubSpot's own blog has an article about this from 2014 as well. It would be great if this were a standard feature in HubSpot landing pages, and would increase conversions on most HubSpot users' landing pages.

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I inquired about this feature a while ago too. I also believe this is a must for marketers that target consumers. 

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As more companies switch to a mobile-first approach, it is CRITICAL that HubSpot address the challenges marketers face in this 1-click form fill idea (whether Linkedin/Facebook, etc).  Alternatively, HubSpot will begin loosing its PAID Customers shortly to its competitors who can address this need without delay.   As I have investigated, many of the large CRM competitors already have this 1-click feature built into their CRM platforms.  I'm told by my Sales Rep this feature is not even on the Product Roadmap at HubSpot.  FRIGHTENING!


Being a PAID customer, my thought is that HubSpot would stay RELEVANT, and even be a thought leader in its space promoting new products and services to help marketers compete and succeed.  I'm now faced with a choice of canceling HubSpot and retraining my workforce with a CRM that meets our needs, or continuing with HubSpot with subpar delivery of lead gen forms that do not meet expectations of mobile users (a multi-field form).  In the business world, few have time on their phones to fill in tiny fields with their big fingers.  I sincerely hope HubSpot addresses this concern sooner rather than later.   Even better if HubSpot incorporates email-auto-reply of lead gen assets to ensure email addresses are legit!  CJ

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Old thread, but would love to know when this is available. 

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any update on this development idea?

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Bump - I want this too!

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A bump from me too.

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We would also be keen to implemnet this functionality.  Any idea whether this is on the development roadmap?


many thanks


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Hi, realise this is an old thread, but with this becoming an increasingly common form requirement for users, it would be appreciated to know when HubSpot look to address this integration. It is now becoming standard across other platforms. And data shows that a higher % of users will complete a form if the option is available. Therefore is becoming business essential.

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Any updates on this? Does anyone know if it's otherwise possible to connect a social sign in tool with hubspot forms?

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I am currently listening to the book, "The Conversion Code" which highly reccommends the one click integration with social media to significantly increase number of people filling out a form.

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Would love to have this available, any update from Hubspot team ?