Enable shorten link in plain text


Currently when plain text is sent, the link has UTM parameter to track the click/ID/source tracking. 

I understand it is necessary to track contact's activity. 


plain text link.pngHowever, we got a feedback from recipients that the long link will make it suspicious and hesitent to click on the link. (please see attached screenmshot: plain text link) 


Is there any way that we can make those link to be shortened link as social tool and trackin URL tool generate? 


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This almost seems vital in order get clicks, plus visually it destroys the ability to easily read the email.   


Agreed. I'm wondering if I should go set up bit.ly links to work around. But that's a lotta links!!


Was told by a hubspot support member that bitly worked but could result in being ID'd as spam by some filters, hence potentially reducing deliverability...