Enable search for deleted contacts & companies

Hubspot enables you to look through deleted contacts and recover them manually, but if you delete a large number (say 100K which we just did) trying to find one or two is difficult. 


If we could search using emails (i.e., the same way you can search elsewhere in Hubspot) that would help make recovery easier and mean we do not need to reach out to Hubspot support (who has search in the back end).

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Definitely a missing feature. HubSpot is great about offering search everywhere. There's no reason why this should have a a seach box just like the contacts view. 

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New Contributor | Gold Partner

Definitely need the ability to search for a contact please in restore contacts.  

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totally need this!


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Even if we could sort the list of deleted contacts by email address, that would help  alot


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was just trying to do this.  So need it.