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Enable personalization token to set due dates of tasks by a workflow

I'm creating tasks by a workflow and I want to use a due date according to a date field from contact's property. Right now I can only choose "in 3 days" and so on, but I'm not able to handle specific due dates. 


This is my usecase: 

- Sales reports a meeting by a landingpage, herein the sales writes infos & defines follow-up-tasks

- by a workflow, the report gets sent to his team by mail and in addition all tasks according to the report gets created & assigned to specific team members 

--> I need to set due dates correctly, please allow to set a due date with a personalization token. 

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I also am having difficulty setting appropriate due dates for tasks. Specifically, I would like to create a task to prep presentation materials (we personalize our demos) for a meeting schedule through HubSpot. It would be helpful to be able to chose the "date of last meeting booked in meetings tool" as the due date - or otherwise "link" it to the scheduled meeting. Thanks!