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Enable mass enrollment in sequences

It would be useful to be able to enroll several contacts at once into a sequence in Hubspot Sales. For example I may want to enroll everyone at company x with 50 employees. Currently I'd have to go through the enrollment process 50 times.

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March 04, 2020 05:37 AM

Hi Community! 


We've released a number of updates to sequences on March 3rd, including the ability to bulk enroll up to 50 contacts with one click. This is available now for all Sales Professional, Sales Enterprise, Service Professional, and Service Enterprise seats.

You can see everything in the link to the release below:

[Now Live] Advanced Sequences




In Beta
February 04, 2020 04:28 PM

In Planning
April 09, 2019 11:24 AM

We are currently exploring options and planning to build the functionality to enroll multiple contacts into a sequence at once. If you would like to be part of future beta testing for sequences enrolling, please fill out this form.

July 26, 2018 07:12 AM

Hi all, I wanted to let you know that email marketing is now available with HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter. If you have questions for the Product Team specifically about email and or marketing best practices post your questions here

Re: Enable mass enrollment in sequences - changed to: Not Currently Planned
April 17, 2018 02:11 AM

Hello all,


I am reaching out on behalf of the HubSpot Product team to inform you that this idea: Enable mass enrollment in sequences is Not Currently Planned. 

This is because the ability to enroll mass lists of contacts already exists as part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub. The HubSpot Sales Hub & CRM Free features are designed specifically for one-to-one email communications between sales teams and their leads/customers. The HubSpot Marketing Email tool allows businesses to mass enroll subscribed contacts into email campaigns. Email Marketing is currently part of the Basic, Pro and Enterprise packages but stay tuned here for updates r.e. Marketing Free and Starter. 

Our Product Manager @sjudson has announced a new Sequences feature that is In Beta which enables users to select a group of contacts, and quickly personalize and send sequences to those contacts individually. Quick sending is a playlist or task-queue like sending experience for sequences paired closely with email recommendations.  Here is a peek at how it works:

Quick Sending.gif

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to find out more about this feature and how to drive value from your sales emails please reach out to Scott directly by commenting on this idea: Quick sending in sequences

April 10, 2018 03:25 PM

Hi folks -- Scott from the product team here. 

We have an early version of a new "quick-send" feature as part of sequences, which will minimize your time spent doing sales outreach while giving you personalization and recommendation tips to boost response rates.
If you're interested in getting early access, please fill out this form. We'll be slowly granting access as we work out the kinks and implement feedback. 
Quick Sending.gif

November 17, 2017 03:09 AM

Hey @Tayloroster this is not a feature the HubSpot Sales product team will be moving forward with at this time. This is because this feature already exists as part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub. The HubSpot Sales & CRM features are designed specifically for one-to-one email communications between sales teams and their leads/customers. The HubSpot Marketing Email tool allows businesses to mass enroll subscribed contacts into email campaigns. 

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Would love the ability to bulk send Sequences. Similar tools are available through, GrowBots, etc. and my Sales team is clamoring to switch from HubSpot  Sales Pro to a tool that better fits their need for bulk sending. Help!


Is there a way to mass enroll multiple contacts into a single sequence as opposed to enrolling each contact individually? My job is a numbers game so I don't need to customize each e-mail. I just need to click them in and be done with it.


If this feature isn't available can you please roll it into your development plan? Enrolling individually is quite time consuming and I'm tempted to look for services that can do that.

Academy Team

Hello @jasonk


There is not a way to mass enroll contacts into a sequence. This is because a sequence is supposed to be used for a 1:1 type conversation with your contacts. 


There is a current idea on our forum speaking to this idea and I have included it here. If you are looking to have more than one person in a sequence on the HubSpot marketing side of the product we have a feature called Workflows that allows you to set actions like 'send an email' and then enroll contacts based on certain criteria.  


If you wish to learn more about HubSpot Workflows you can find out more here. In addition, if you are looking to have Sales Reps use this platform I have included a ver helpful blog post regarding 'Sales Reps guide to Workflows'


All the best, 

Courtney Sembler 


Being able to send an email template to a list of contacts is a really key selling tool and something I think should be included to sales pro users. Not being able to group message people on your contacts list is a real dissapointment giving the monthly subscription cost. 


I am looking fo the same thing. How do I send bulk prospecting email/ sequence?


you can't unless you purchase the marketing package- salespro users are unaqble to send group emails you can only email one contact at a time. Very frustrating isn't it. 


I find this also an issue, not being able to enrol bulk of contacts into the sequence.


Any suggestions???


Isn't that a basic of prospecting? Yes, it is frustrating. 


I was told if you like the idea and want to see it implemented you can click on the thumbs up next to my post and they will review it and consider adding it as a function if enough people show interest. 


Fingers crossed as it's a key element that's missing in my opinion. 


Use a third party tool like, Growbots or SalesLoft. Hubspot has A LOT of competitors doing this, so I hope they adopt it soon. It gets harder for me to "fight" for the expense of Hubspot when we're having to pay for additional tools in order to do all the things we need. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @gwtuser, @marekhornak there is currently an idea for mass enrollment in Sales Sequences - check it out here. Could you confirm if this i the type of functionality you are requesting?


If so, we'll merge these ideas so all the comments and votes are combined. 


Please make this a priority, it is so basic yet so valuable ! @roisinkirby


Hi Yes this would be a good solution to enable a mass email- so if you can combine them that would be great 🙂

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Yes! I'd like to add that this should be controllable with Workflows (along with a lot of other functions in HubSpot Sales like adding notes to contact records, etc.)


 Hi, I want to add x number of employees in a single company and also be able to enrol different companies again with different people.


There have been times where I am focusing an email to multiple people, and it isn't appropriate to put one of them in "to" and the other to "cc" and therefor I've been forced out of the platform, having to bcc the email and not get the automated insights. Would be really nice to just be able to put multiple addresses in the "to" line of an email...


My Hubspot customer success manager just sent me details on a bulk Sequence workaround. I haven't tried it yet, but looks promising!


I just saw this article that HubSpot posted using Call Queues to automate Sequences:


Yes Please Plus One Need This So Basic Surprised Doesn't Exist Much Wow

Does anyone have a response to this? I have the same issue. Thanks in advance!