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It would be useful to be able to enroll several contacts at once into a sequence in Hubspot Sales. For example I may want to enroll everyone at company x with 50 employees. Currently I'd have to go through the enrollment process 50 times.

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Hey @marekhornak @RachelCarollo by 'bulk sending', do you mean sending mutliple sequences (in bulk) at once or sending one sequence/email to multiple recipients at a time?

I created a workaround for the HubSpot single recipient on the "To:" line so high-ranking contacts aren't offended by being added on the CC: line. I create my email in Outlook and include my HubSpot bcc: email address so the email is tracked in HubSpot by contact. I then log the email in the specific deal using the Log Activity field. Anyone else have any workarounds like this or better?

I would like to be able to email 2+ people (sometimes) in a sequence and that's not an option. Can you add it?


Yes! Our company deals with school groups and sometimes our deals involve music directors, boosters, as well as administration. Being able to send an email to all of them in a sequence would be very beneficial.


I am literally about to quit hubspot because of this. Basic CRM packages offer this even Microsoft CRM since 2006 it's ridiculous. 


@RachelCarollo has nailed it on the head. Hubspot, there must be a way in which you can expodite development on a small function such as mass sequence enrollment.


You could place the link next to actions when selecting all contacts etc.


This would save users such as myself and other teams potentially hours of individual enrollment.


Unfortunately, this is what we are currently having to do.


It won't be sustainable for us in the long term.



It would be helpful if there were a way to mass enroll contacts in a sequence rather than selecting them individually to add them to the list. 


Agree - this is such an important feature and should be a basic functionality especially as a Pro user. Please add bulk enroll into sequences. Thanks.


Has there been any progress to this yet?


Not that I've heard. My sales team is testing out Mailshake right now as a potential alternative. Let's get this going please, Hubspot!



This is one of the main reasons why I upgraded to Pro (assumed it must be a feature)


I'm guessing Hubspot don't have this feature in order to push people to buy the marketing package as well. But there's a whole world of difference in cost so it's not feasible for our small team.


Does anyone know any hybrid solutions that integrate with Hubspot?


This would be extremely helpful for our sales team as well! 

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Totally agree with everything said here. We just came back from a conference with hundreds of leads. The hot ones will be handled manually, but many of the not so hot need to go to a conference follow up sequence. I would like to be able to mark a list of contacts and enroll them all in a bulk in a sequence.


Sheeeesh – I assumed this would be an obvious within the Hubspot Suite. DEFINITELY need this... 

(it's currently killing my guys time + massively prone to human error. Also – if we could see when the 150 mails were exhausted this would also be rather helpful)


Totally agree! We were really excited about trying out sales pro, but the fact that you can't apply a mass enroll a list of contacts to a sequence is deal breaker for us! Any thoughts on when you might add this? 

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Hey @Tayloroster this is not a feature the HubSpot Sales product team will be moving forward with at this time. This is because this feature already exists as part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub. The HubSpot Sales & CRM features are designed specifically for one-to-one email communications between sales teams and their leads/customers. The HubSpot Marketing Email tool allows businesses to mass enroll subscribed contacts into email campaigns. 


Yes please!!  How is this not a basic feature already??


Yeah, we need to get this done, value wise it is limiting us and time efficiencies that we want t drive with our sales team.


Yes please, this feature is so badly needed! I have multiple sequences I built thinking that I could blast them out to certain people and now I have to start from scratch and begin workflows (which doesn't even allow me to access the email templates I already built = ( )


This really needs to happen. Particualalry when adopting an ABM approach it makes for a time comusing task manually enrolling people in to the same message.


Also for instance if you are targetting an insurance provider, in our sector the challenge they face is regualaltroy compliance, the core message would be the same and everything that needs to be personalised can be done with tags.


Anyone that has commented on this lthread please share it with your teams and lets get it upvoted!