Enable mass enrollment in sequences

It would be useful to be able to enroll several contacts at once into a sequence in Hubspot Sales. For example I may want to enroll everyone at company x with 50 employees. Currently I'd have to go through the enrollment process 50 times.

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Yes PLEASE enable this.

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I'm surprised this isn't a feature already. This is forcing me to look at other products and away from using Hubspot...

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Hubspot not only hasn't added this but they've further hobbled their sequence tool with mandatory unsubscribe links. There are plenty of use cases where an unsubscribe link is inappropriate.


Product wide, Hubspot is of the mindset that the mail is going through their servers, even when it's not (e.g. gmail, sending through a 3rd party mail system).... Enforcing policy and restricting bulk ads makes tons of sense if the mail is going through your servers, but if it's not your mail server, it's kind of not your business.


I wouldn't hold your hopes out on this.... A crafty developer could make a nice chrome plugin that would solve this though and probably sell it for $100 per seat.



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Sending one sequence/email to multiple recipients at a time is required 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks -- Scott from the product team here. 

We have an early version of a new "quick-send" feature as part of sequences, which will minimize your time spent doing sales outreach while giving you personalization and recommendation tips to boost response rates.
If you're interested in getting early access, please fill out this form. We'll be slowly granting access as we work out the kinks and implement feedback. 
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Community Manager
Community Manager
updated to: Not Currently Planned

Hello all,


I am reaching out on behalf of the HubSpot Product team to inform you that this idea: Enable mass enrollment in sequences is Not Currently Planned. 

This is because the ability to enroll mass lists of contacts already exists as part of HubSpot's Marketing Hub. The HubSpot Sales Hub & CRM Free features are designed specifically for one-to-one email communications between sales teams and their leads/customers. The HubSpot Marketing Email tool allows businesses to mass enroll subscribed contacts into email campaigns. Email Marketing is currently part of the Basic, Pro and Enterprise packages but stay tuned here for updates r.e. Marketing Free and Starter. 

Our Product Manager @sjudson has announced a new Sequences feature that is In Beta which enables users to select a group of contacts, and quickly personalize and send sequences to those contacts individually. Quick sending is a playlist or task-queue like sending experience for sequences paired closely with email recommendations.  Here is a peek at how it works:

Quick Sending.gif

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to find out more about this feature and how to drive value from your sales emails please reach out to Scott directly by commenting on this idea: Quick sending in sequences
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all, I wanted to let you know that email marketing is now available with HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter. If you have questions for the Product Team specifically about email and or marketing best practices post your questions here

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To increase the usability of sequences, and inprove the efficiency of using this tool, it would be great if we could enroll contacts from a list.  Enrolling contacts individually/checking the box for each contact to mass enroll is very inefficient.  

Our team produces contact lists, scrubs the list, and then wants to enroll everyone left on the list, except...HubSpot doesn't support that.  Why?

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 yes please. 

i encountered this issue this week. 

we sent a newsletter to database via a marketing email. and got a great response. 

first problem was we couldnt see a list of contacts that replied (another issue and have voted on a seperate idea) 

but if i did have a list of contacts that replied, i would want to mass enrol them in a sequence. 

as it stands, i have to open each contacts email in gmail, respond, then start a follow up sequence in hubspot crm. 



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Use case: we have deals in a certain category/deal stage.  We would like to enroll the contacts in those deals to the same sequence (personal offer + a followup).  I want the emails to be sent from my inbox not as a marketing email with an unsubscribe button.