Enable global default time period for product summary on deals record

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This idea is about the time period dropdown in the "Products" section on the deal record.


Current behavior:

HubSpot currently "guesses" the time period based on the current deal value and its associated products. That means the time period can change when one adds or removes products. It also means that when you change the time period on this screen, HubSpot will not remember the setting.


Proposed behavior:

Provide an optional setting for a global default time period. Suppose I select "annual" as the global default. Then the dropdown would alsways pre-select "annual" in the product summary.



Time period will no longer change unpredictably when adding or removing products.

Real deal volume will become visible at a glance on this screen, as the baseline time period is alsways going to be the same.

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Hello @vbrech ! 


Any update on this ? 


Thanks a lot

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Great idea we needed this also...