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Enable editing for Custom Objects on mobile app

The problem right now is that on the mobile app, custom objects are read only, and cannot be edited. Additionally, contacts cannot be associated with custom objects from the mobile app. For a business where the custom object may be properties, or rental listings, it is helpful to be able to be on the go, showing the property, make notes on the contact and be able to associate it with the custom object as well. Or be able to edit the custom object directly on the go would be very useful! 

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We have this exact problem with our client. They show real estate properties and need to update the Listing custom object from their mobile phone while on property. This is a real problem not being able to do this.


Also, HubSpot needs to allow people to associate meetings, notes, calls, etc. from a Contact record and Deal record to the new Custom Object. Currently, we can't do that, which is a real problem.


Yes please - we use custom objects to manage special one off pricing requests (faster than a quote) and also what stands our customers have in their stores, and we need to be able to update these during the visit to the store and add pictures etc.

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This is crucial for automotive and powersports industries as well. 

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+1 to what @NancyLambert said. We need this for our clients working in real estate and education.


We just tested it out and it seems to work on Android but not on iOS. While I understand the constraints of developing for iOS, it'd be good to have some sort of timeline when Android features can be expected on iOS. This isn't the first time we've come across significant functionality differences between platforms. It's not great having to explain these to clients with little information on hand.