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Enable editing for Custom Objects on mobile app

The problem right now is that on the mobile app, custom objects are read only, and cannot be edited. Additionally, contacts cannot be associated with custom objects from the mobile app. For a business where the custom object may be properties, or rental listings, it is helpful to be able to be on the go, showing the property, make notes on the contact and be able to associate it with the custom object as well. Or be able to edit the custom object directly on the go would be very useful! 

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We have this exact problem with our client. They show real estate properties and need to update the Listing custom object from their mobile phone while on property. This is a real problem not being able to do this.


Also, HubSpot needs to allow people to associate meetings, notes, calls, etc. from a Contact record and Deal record to the new Custom Object. Currently, we can't do that, which is a real problem.


Yes please - we use custom objects to manage special one off pricing requests (faster than a quote) and also what stands our customers have in their stores, and we need to be able to update these during the visit to the store and add pictures etc.

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This is crucial for automotive and powersports industries as well. 

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+1 to what @NancyLambert said. We need this for our clients working in real estate and education.


We just tested it out and it seems to work on Android but not on iOS. While I understand the constraints of developing for iOS, it'd be good to have some sort of timeline when Android features can be expected on iOS. This isn't the first time we've come across significant functionality differences between platforms. It's not great having to explain these to clients with little information on hand.

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@KyleJepson Can you work some magic here? 💫


We need the same capabalities for custom objects on the mobile app as per standard objects, acrosss both Android and iOS. I hope that I'm wrong and that there's been a fantastic update recently, but I'm just about to present a demo to a client where my plan was to use custom objects. My assumption was that they'd be available on mobile too - if they're not, I'll nee to rethink, since that's not ideal...


Thanks in advance, HubSpot. Please tell me this is coming sooooon.... 




I don't see why this wasn't a default option that is already supported by the IOS app version. This really limits operational needs for those using the custom objects feature. Members of the team that are mobile and have limited access to a laptop and computer will utilize the mobile app to access all that is available in HubSpot. This creates an issue as our IOS users (which is the majority of our company) do not have access to custom objects.


Agreed. The mobile app is meant to offer utility while in the field and on the go. Without the ability to edit or associate custom objects in the mobile app, it relies on you doubling up the work this requires (writing it down as a reminder in another app/notes) or risk losing this info and connections by waiting until you return to a computer.


Custom Objects also need a higher degree of customization in general since businesses are unique and have different metrics that don't necessarily fit into the "contact, company, deal, ticket" scheme. Having them function like one of the preset objects would vastly improve the usability of the entire hubspot platform.


Totally agreed! This severely limits the use of Custom Objects if they cannot be edited & therfore 'used effectively' from your mobile app. Please look into sorting this ASAP.
Customs Objects are editable on Android - why not editable or EVEN viewable in the main menu on iOS - totally insane 😞


Since custom objects are made available within the desktop version, it is expected to have the chance to manage them also from the mobile app (both Andrioid and iOS): we've introduced a custom object in our HubSpot and Sales Reps on the field are supposed to manage this new object even during their working day across the cities; they need to have the chance to create and edit custom object's records even when they are on their way.

It's a necessary feature!


Hi, I too have a need for editing Custom Objects on iOS for work in the field and on the go. We are trying to move certain processes from Salesforce, but need custom objects to be mobile friendly. 


+1, our team uses Custom Objects on construction sites to keep tabs on contacts and project details. Not having the ability to edit these custom objects on mobile limits our ability to utilize this feature.




Absoutlely needed! +1


We setup custom sections on the web app and would like to see those in the mobile app.


+1 +2 +3 +4 !!!!

This was posted in 2021 and is still not an available feature in August of 2023, despite it seeming like something that should be a basic app feature and all of the comments citing use cases for the feature.

As of right now, any field reps have to take notes and use a desktop later on anyways, so I fail to understand the use of the app. You can't access many features from it, including something basic like forms, so it seems that the only use is to create new records, but even that isn't fully possible in the way that most people need it to be. Why create an app?

Additionally, while using the app, you can open your contact, go to associations and SEE the custom objects listed, but are still unable to make the association ("Custom Objecrs are read-only," it says). Why allow us to see them if they are not usable?? 

Being able to make associations with custom objects on the go is a NECESSARY FEATURE that Hubspot MUST add, like.... three hours ago. Please. Thank you. 


HubSpot Support - any idea when this is happening? This is a severe limitation for iPhone Users. We are also a Real Estate company with over 1,500 Users and this is totally craxy that this does not work. If you can do it on Android - surely it should be done for iOS!???
PLEASE PLEASE get this sorted



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We would need this feature for a customer, hard to explain why it is not working on his iPhone but on my android it works.


We obviously can't ask all of our sales managers to use Android phones because the iOS app lacks a feature, right?

Any idea when this will be available?


Today we had an incident that was blocked by not being able to associate a Custom Object with a Ticket due to not being able to associate those via IOS App.


In our B2B business we are tracking sold goods as Live Systems including contract and service information. Those Live Systems shall be associated whenever a Ticket is created by our Support Engineers (unfortunately there is no 1:n cardinality possible as we have customers with n systems and each system has different warranty and service rules, that's why this is no automated process). Last night we received an urgent ticket which could not be processed to our engineering teams (outside od Hubspot) as the SLAs were not determined due to the Live System missing. And the reason for that was the person on-call being at the airport and not able to process via laptop but via Phone.


So as a result a missing feature of Hubspot (not being able to associate or edit Custom Objects via IOS App) is a break cause of our process and we  would highly appreciate if this will get picked up by the Product Team as soon as possible.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi there, I wanted to give an update here that it is now possible to edit custom object records on iOS. Adding new records is possible on web and Android. We don't yet have a concrete timeline to share on making this functionality possible on iOS, but it is on our radar.


You can edit Custom objects from the Contact, Company, Deal or Ticket record screen. To edit a Custom object:

  1. Open a Contact, Company, Deal or Ticket record.
  2. Navigate to the Associations tab, find the Custom object you want to edit. Tap to open the Custom object record.
  3. From the About tab, tap “Edit”.
  4. Make the required changes and save the record.

To delete a record, tap Delete.