Enable bulk edit of contacts in static list

After creating a static list, there should be an option to bulk enroll individual contacts into that list, similar to how we can manually enroll individual contacts into a workflow.


Currently the options are to:

  1. Go into each contact record and add them into the list from there
  2. Re-import those contacts into the CRM and create a list from there

However it would be much friendlier to be able to have the option to add multiple individual contacts into the static list from the List tool itself, or at least be able to import contacts into the static list (which seems to no longer be possible as per this post)

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Yes, the current workflow of having to go into each and every contact you'd like on a list is way to time consuming, so this is definitely needed! 


Especially because it is difficult to only use filters in the active lists, and having to create a property for each list, then change that property for contacts you'd want in the list, is equally time consuming.