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Enable a way to make proper case on personalization token

We think that platform (HubSpot) needs a way to change the CASE of the certain personalized fields such as First name, Last name or custom fields. 


If we want to use the First name in the email salutation like,


Hello John


It makes more sense to use Title case there. We all know that data that comes from different stream into Hubspot, we can not handle everywhere that how they being entered. 


So John could be JoHN, JOHN, john or jOHn. Typo happens all the time. 


But when we use the first name in the email, think you get an email with, Hello jOHn.


That will ruin whole email. So if we can have something like predefined way to change the case to Title case when we send the email that would just increase the trust value with company and customer. 


Please UpVote this if you agree to make it available. 

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Agree! It's a blessing and a curse that HS forms allow submissions to append to their contact record. Great when they're adding data that's relevant (title, phone number, industry, number of employees, etc.). But it's really sad that they can modify their name and HubSpot automatically updates their record!


  1. I sent out a marketing email to employees with an HS form. A coworker put their name in as "Shimmy Up a Tree". Since the identifier is their email, it updated her name to this.😬 
  2. We get a reconversion on a form and that contact updates their name from title case to lower case or upper case then HS automatically updates their contact record with this.

If we don't correct this in HS, personalized marketing emails look "automated". There should be some way in our settings to set this. Just like with the email property field, we can tell HubSpot we only accept work emails (not gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.). There needs to be a way to apply this in the portal! Downloading all contacts, modifying in Excel and re-uploading all contacts is time-consuming and opens you up to human error.