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Enable Ticket ID to display in subject line of all email comms within a ticket

Whilst the Ticket system is useful, when you have 150-200 tickets in varying pipelines within ServiceHub can be confusing when searching for a particular ticket.


It would be immensly valuable to include the Ticket ID to all subsequent emails from that initial customer contact within the subject lines. Regardless of whether we contact the customer or the customer contacts us through the same ticket thread.


It would also be useful for the customer to be able to'mention' the ticket id in their subject line, so that if they can't find the original email thread in their inbox they can email but still include everything involving the same query in the one ticket thread. Rather than start a new ticket for a query that is already open.


If this can be set up as a property within settings in HubSpot so that you can choose as a HubSpot customer whether you set it up as part of a pipeline. This would be fab!


This would enable us to quickly track queries, and reply to clients with relevant responses much faster. 


The current ticket system we are using alongside HubSpot called FogBugz allows both the features above. Across all roles.

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New service hub user here! I'm amazed this isnt a thing. Need need need! 


Essential Feature!
We just switched from Salesforce to HubSpot.

In Salesforce this was an out-of-the-Box Feature wich helps us find every Ticket if a customer has a question especially when they have questions regarding older Tickets.

Right now we have to do it manually wich is not ideal.

I hope this will get implemented asap in the future, thank you!


This would greatly improve the email routing for tickets and would make it easier for us to switch to Service Hub.


hmm people asking for that already more than a Year... i don't think it is  possible or database structura allow that... Because of that we having really hard time implementing hubspot in to our work flow... How to easy comunicate to custommers and identify tickets, if 100 are in pipeline we can't just do it by chance, how to refer ticket in shipment. This functionality is a essential. Second thing is print view for ticket but that is other story... 


Yes, need this feature as well as we migrated from Helpscout and here it was easy to setup. 200 incoming tickets and no way to screen them easily by ID, first name or company name... 


what happens to me is that the ticket arrives as new when it is not


Yes, I'm new to hubspot and the automatic ticket number generation is the first thing I'm looking at and I'm surprised it isn't available yet. I don't want a third party app generate a number for me and I still have to manually edit the ticket name to add the number. At the same time I don't want to copy and past email header to refer to my support subordinate for them to pull up the said issue/ticket record. The customers can use the same email header (E.g. "app not working") thus email title alone isn't a reliable search ticket pull up. Hope something as important as ticket number automatic generation can be implemented soon



EDIT: I found out you can actually find ticket number generated in main Tickets dashboard if you go to Actions and Edit Columns. There's a column unchecked named Ticket ID. I don't quite see more of its option to modify specific number generation but it's better than nothing. Still trying to find if that can actually show on the main screen of each tickets. Let me know if anyone knows more about this







The automatic generation of the ticket number in the subject of a message is essential, especially for customers with an increased need for support.

We as users can sort by tickets. But it is all about the customer. And the customer can't do that without a ticket number in the subject. Customer first!

An indispensable feature for customer retention. The customer should be comfortable.

And just as essential for us as HubSpot users: We want to dedicate our time to our customers and not to the manual insertion of content that could easily be automated.

What's more, no one wants a new ticket to be created for the same transaction. But this is exactly what happens when the customer can no longer find his request (ticket).

For this very reason: reduction of recurring, manual processes with the goal of putting the customer and not "copy & paste" or merging tickets in the foreground, we are embarking on the journey to maximum customer satisfaction together with HubSpot.

With this in mind: Please ...



I managed that by adding extra field and making proper API calls from a raspberry pi node-red. So searching for ticket without my own ticket number than giving it unique autoincrementimg ticket number. Issue is that users can still change it by hand .

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Absolutely needed 🙂


We see a ton of emails that come in and get linked to a half-dozen closed tickets because there is no unique routing. Now they all have to be closed. Automatically including the ticket ID would make that process far more accurate.


Exactly @JDale the same thing happens to me, daily and for thousands of tickets.
In addition to what you say, multiple new tickets are also opened following existing chains (but the error is caused by the client)
and we see ourselves harmed, especially by the KPI's panels


Idea submitted for 5 years and there are still no updates!!! That's needed. It would make our work much easier.


guys... we are in the process of migrating to hubspot for service. 

Shocking that such a basic feature is not there out of the box. 
I had 2 support tickets open already, and was directed to submit a feature request, on what i thought were basic features.  Looking that this particular thread has been going on for several years already , I have not much hope someone from product management is even looking into these threads , and i am just wasting my time writing this. 

This is basic for a helpdesk system... Please consider. copying and pasting seems like a joke and no other workaround has been suggested yet.




I think the same, these two characteristics are basic to maintain a basic operation


I agree with all the comments here that this is a basic feature of a Ticketing system and should have been in the product when first released.


As a partial work around, what we have done is to setup a workflow so that New tickets have their Ticket name updated to "Ticket name - Ticket ID: Ticket ID". 

ie. the Ticket ID is appended to the end of the ticket name, and resaved as the ticket name. 

When replying the first time, you do still have to copy and paste the ticket name into the subject, but after that when there is exchange of replies the ticket ID is in the email subject.

Posting this as a suggestion to help the many others with this issue.

Here is a screen shot of the workflow, which we use on all our ticket pipelines.  This is for the Sales ticket pipeline:




Thank you
I will try, although we still depend on the agent changing the subject in the response, it is very useful.


Hello all!

We've come up with a partial solution that ensures that the ticket "requester" is able to see ticketID number. This is especially helpful if they have multiple tickets. I hope some of you are able to gain from this. 
It also ensures that whenever the contact replies to the ticketID email, it automatically falls under the correct ticket.

Ticket gets created (direct e-mail or form submission)

  1. Workflow activates
  2. Automated marketing e-mail gets send to "requester".
    1. Important that the sender email address is the same as the hosted email connected to support inbox! 
    2. Use ticket based properties to ensure it's ticket specific.



One obvious downside is that you must sacrifice marketing contacts on service contacts. 

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Much needed feature