Enable Ticket ID to display in subject line of all email comms within a ticket

Whilst the Ticket system is useful, when you have 150-200 tickets in varying pipelines within ServiceHub can be confusing when searching for a particular ticket.


It would be immensly valuable to include the Ticket ID to all subsequent emails from that initial customer contact within the subject lines. Regardless of whether we contact the customer or the customer contacts us through the same ticket thread.


It would also be useful for the customer to be able to'mention' the ticket id in their subject line, so that if they can't find the original email thread in their inbox they can email but still include everything involving the same query in the one ticket thread. Rather than start a new ticket for a query that is already open.


If this can be set up as a property within settings in HubSpot so that you can choose as a HubSpot customer whether you set it up as part of a pipeline. This would be fab!


This would enable us to quickly track queries, and reply to clients with relevant responses much faster. 


The current ticket system we are using alongside HubSpot called FogBugz allows both the features above. Across all roles.

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This would greatly improve the email routing for tickets and would make it easier for us to switch to Service Hub.

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Thumbs up x 10!

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This would substantially simplify our support work and the customer experience!

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Posting on behalf of a customer, looking for a similar feature. 


The ticket created by the conversation inbox has a long subject line that is not very useful to the customer, the customer is looking for a feature where creating the new email would autopopulate the ticket id or ticket name in the subject line. 

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Yes! This is exactly what we need for the Ticket / Service feature to be truly useful to us and to our clients. 


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Yes. This would be great indeed!


Integration of the Ticket ID in the subject line would perhaps also prevent customers to just reply on the last received email message instead of posting a new request in a new email. This prevents a lot of bureaucracy with closing a ticket again and creating a new one for the new topic.

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Agreed, I need this too

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Its very bacic need to reply to a cusotmer with their specific ticket and hte subject of their request.  Thus far HS fails in both.  


Also needed is a method by which customers can see the status of open tickets - also very basic 



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Referencing the ticket number in all communications with Support is fundamental so it is puzzling that Hubspot's ticketing system doesn't automatically do this for all emails.



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Our team reached out, independently requested this feature and we were directed to this thread.  It's shocking to me that this very basic feature (supported by every other modern ticketing system) isn't already on the development roadmap.


We migrated ticketing support to Hubspot so everything was integrated with our CRM.  Lack of basic functionality makes me frequently regret that decision.  This is rediculous.



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Muchas herramientas de services tienen esta funcionalidad, ojalá puedan reactivar este hilo que es antiguo

sería muy útil tener el tkt ya que cuando el cliente hace FRW, RE, RV o cambia el asunto del correo se rompe la cadena y los tickets se duplican 

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We need this also

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Need this