Enable Smart Content on Rich Text in Custom Modules

Since the addition of custom modules into the Design Manager Tool, templates are being built using these custom modules.
But these modules does not support smart content what makes its use limited of specific.
ie: Best custom module idea is a Banner module, but a banner is the first place where smart content needs or can be applied.
I understand the coding complexity for making the custom module entirely smart but It will be more than enough if we can add Smart Content tool into rich text modules in custom modules.

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Thanks @agiledigital Strange, the 'more' option isn't showing for me. Can I just check please, so that's definitely a screenshot of a custom module and not a standard module? I think perhaps you have to use the drag'n'drop framework in order to see these options. @Captshawn Could you possibly add some clarification on the most recent comments please? Perhaps we can expect to see smart content options in custom module in the near future? 🙂

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Yes @Hubmate, this is a custom module we have built. It is appearing on all custom modules now. And yes, this is the Drag and drop editor. 


Just to clarify that when we started work on those modules - somewhere in the end of October I think, that option was not there. At some point we saw this option appeared on all our modules - that was probably a month later so maybe somewhere in November. 


Not sure why you guys do not see those yet.


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Hi @Hubmate,

I have reached out to the HubSpot support team about adding smart content in custom modules and they said that it is a product limitation as of the moment and still in development.  I am referring to custom modules that are built in HTML + HUBL. At this time, the only modules that support smart content are Rich text, CTA, form modules, which are added directly to the web, email and landing page and global modules as well. Hope this helps, but same as you I am expecting this to be released in the near future and hoping this year if possible. Smiley Very Happy


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Bump! This would be amazing. When can we expect this HS?

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Any updates on this feature? The request was made almost two years ago. 


Status updated to: Being Reviewed
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This is something we're currently considering adding, but will require a bit of a revamp of smart content's UI. We're going to thing through how the UI and underlying structure need to change and I'll plan on posting here with updates!

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Thanks @katie ! We are also looking forward to hearing more about this feature. We are using smart content on a thank you page based on form input and would love to be able to use smart content rules on a related reading module to show different posts based on the input as well. We realize this is a complicated update but it will be incredibly powerful and have a LOT of use cases!

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so what is the status now? 


what you think it would make sense to use smart content for translation purposes?


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This is still actively being worked on! I should have some more updates shortly.


Regarding your question about translations, I would recommend using the multi language feature over smart content whenever possible. 


Bump on this thread.  Please keep us updated when we might expect to see this feature!

We are counting on it, and will use as soon as we possibly can.


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Hi folks, 


This feature is still actively in development and we're getting really close to a release. I'll make sure to post here as soon as we open it up for beta. 


Thanks for your patience!


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Can't wait for this to be released! Please keep us updated 🙂

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Does anyone know when this will be available?

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Any news on this?