Enable Smart Content on Rich Text in Custom Modules

Since the addition of custom modules into the Design Manager Tool, templates are being built using these custom modules.
But these modules does not support smart content what makes its use limited of specific.
ie: Best custom module idea is a Banner module, but a banner is the first place where smart content needs or can be applied.
I understand the coding complexity for making the custom module entirely smart but It will be more than enough if we can add Smart Content tool into rich text modules in custom modules.

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Having the same issue. While it satisfies me as a developer and helps add alot of efficiency to our processes - without the use of smart content it almost becomes useless and then trying to prove the value of using these at all or even HubL for me becomes a losing game. To a marketer if it cannot be enabled with smart content it becomes unusable. For me as a developer without custom modules we cant customize and speed up our process, we cant provide the tools for out content creators to be independent and efficient. Its kind of a bad circle to be in.

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On our landing pages, we have forms that popup upon click of the CTA button. To do this, we had to make a custom modal popup module. It works nicely, but now I'd like to use this module for smart content and can't. Could HubSpot at least create a modal popup module that allows for smart content? 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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That would be great for us as well

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I agree - this would be a great feature. 

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Please do this! I'm currenlt trying to figure out a workaround using a smart CTA in a banner...

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Same here

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Could we have a very rough estimate of when this might be delivered? As in, second half of 2018 or first half of 2019. I feel smart content for custom modules should be a priority as far as design features go, not least for marketers but also for template providers who really on the modules for their designs.

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 Totally agree with this. We can't built a good website purely with the standard HubSpot Rich Text, CTA and Form modules. So we need to use the custom modules. And then within these custom modules, if we could just select which fields should be smart, that would be great. 

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