Enable Single Sign On using Active Directory Federation Services (integration with Office 365)

We would like to integrate Hubspot with our existing Microsoft based infrastructure by impellent Single Sign On (SSO) using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).


Use Case:

A Person has been given an account that is managed by our organisation’s Active Directory Service. This Person signs into one of our organisation’s PCs or Online Services (e.g. Microsoft’s Office 365) and an Authentication Token is generated.

Assuming a trust has been set-up between organisation’s Hubspot Service and our Federation Service; the User navigates to our Hubspot Portal and is granted access (authorised) based upon permissions set by Hubspot service.


Definitions & Descriptions:

Active Directory is used to manage account properties including Username and Passwords.

Authentication (SSO) is managed by ADFS which generates the Authentication Token.

Authorisation is managed by Hubspot – i.e. the access level permissions granted to an account.

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The HubSpot SSO that is now available has very limited use.  It only enables users to remember one less password.  It is NOT SAML Federation as one would expect (although it does use SAML to login).  Instead, you must create all users in HubSpot before the users will have access to the tool.  That means authentication is not controlled by Azure AD or any other identity service.  


Unfortunately I just received this feedback from their support.  We need to provide access to our entire sales team and managing identity and access in yet another tool is a big task as well as a deterrant for anyone who expects enterprise capabilities from HubSpot.  

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I am astonished and greatly disappointed that Hubspot would take the position that you have to buy the enterprise edition in order to access SSO functonality.

We use the professional level product (as I suspect many customers do) and our need to have this function is just as important as any other larger firms.  Come on guys.  Wake up - please add this to the professional level product as well.  Thx

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Agreed, it is very disappointing this isn't included at the Pro level.  Especially since the price jump to Enterprise is extreme.   I was excited when I saw the announcement of SSO availability, only to be let down that our Pro license doesn't include it.  

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Well we have been campaigning for this for some time. The whole admin and security for Hubspot is suspect and leaves user companies open to GDPR questions. As a result we have decided to move BACK  to Salesforce. More expensive but a much better product from a security persepective, We can use SSO and OKTA to control and manage our users.

So whatever Hubspot do it's too late for us