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Enable Simple Date Range in queries (vs Time stamped date range)

The user should be able to choose whether a date range query is based on a simple date or based on hours (current).


Hubspot uses a time stamp (datetime field that also does weird backflips by converting to UTC) on the backend for specific sales events. Despite displaying date ranges as "days" in automations and reports, Hubspot uses hours for queries rather than a simple date. This causes massive headaches for pulling any object by a date field property - and the query is affected by the time of day that the report or automation is triggerd. 


Example: Hubspot's defined date range of "less than 7 days ago" = 168 hours ago or less. If you want to pull all deals from 7 days ago, you get different deals depending on the time of day that you initiate the query. I can't see any reason why this would be of a benefit.