Enable Salesforce Event Sync to HubSpot (e.g. Meetings)

Currently HubSpot is not configured to allow users to sync Salesforce events with HubSpot - so the data contained in events cannot be mapped. We would like to use HubSpot to send our clients reminder emails for upcoming appointments automatically so the branding is consistent and to avoid client communication within Salesforce.


The event information could also be used to automatically follow up with people after a meeting or certain type of event, send related content (or avoid sending content), and so on. Without event sync I can't have HubSpot integrated properly with the entire client experience.

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I'd like to echo this request. Right now when a Meeting is booked it creates a Task within SFDC. Which is great that we are seeing this activity but since there is a Date & Time this should leverage SFDC's Event Activity type versus a Task which is just a Date.


I would be nice if at the creation of the Meeting you can select the Type field to say Meeting 1 is always used for a Demo, Meeting 2 is always used for Proposal Review, etc. Great start to this tool but quickly seeing limits that my sales team is already complaining about.

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I'd love to see this idea come through. We run events as most of our business, and manage registrations through Salesforce. Having this integration would allow us to automate a big chunk of pre and post event communications that are currently done manually. All the 'thanks for booking online!' and 'reminder: your event is tomorrow' type comms.


Would require syncing of all three levels: Events, Event Sessions and Event Registrations.

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Yes - I'd like to be able to sync meetings booked on the Hubspot side to Salesforce as an event, rather than a task.

Syncing it as a task is pretty useless since A) it doesn't block off time on the calendar and B) doesn't have a time associated with it.

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this is important!

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This would be a super useful option to have, as then you can tailor re-engageemnt workflows based on whether someone did or did not complete a full conversion e.g. book a meeting, download a freebie, request a trial etc.


Product team - this would be a strong addition!

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It is important to sync SFDC events to Hubspot meetings from both sides as reporting should be made available and be consistent across both platforms.