Enable SSO for Professional Plan

With more businesses now moving to cloud apps and businesses looking to secure these SSO should be available on some of the lower tiers not just the Enterprise tier. With the likes of Azure Active Directory, G Suite, Okta etc more midsized businesses are also implementing SSO not just top tier enterprises. The price difference between professional and enterprise is to prohibitive for a SME to use enterprise with Hubspot. Hubspot also feature on https://sso.tax as one of the worst offenders for price to enable SSO.
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I agree with the above. Of course if it could be included in Professional Tier at no extra cost, that would be ideal. I am also open to paying for it as a separate "option" at a reasonable price for our small organization, but was told that is not possible. We don't need any other features of the Enterprise tier and the cost difference is prohibitive. 


I agree SSO should be available on all tiers at no extra cost given most small companies are using a number of SaaS services. Is there any chance this will happen for Azure AD? So many companies use Office 365 and being able to integrate with Azure AD simplifies account management and improves overall security.