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Enable SSO for Private knowledge base articles

The ability to require users to have a login to access private knowledge base articles is extremely useful when you want to provide support to your end users with information that you don't want on the open internet.

It would be extremely helpful for the end user if the login they use to access those private knowledge base support articles could be the same login that they use for our own product and website.


I think this would cause users to use the support articles a lot more, but also allows us to directly link to, and closer integrate the support articles directly into our product so that relevant articles are right there where and when end users might need them, and with a single click they can then access that information, without having to go through another login first. Overall this should be a significant improvement on the experience for the end user and provide them much better support.

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October 12, 2020 05:12 AM
October 12, 2020 04:15 AM

In Beta
September 09, 2020 06:00 AM

This is currently in public beta with an ETA for full release on 9/30/2020.

In Planning
April 22, 2020 03:54 AM

We are currently working on bringing SSO functionality to Knowledge Base. We will post more information here as soon as it's available.

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@VictoriaGumaer - thanks. But this does not say how to protect the knowledge base AND integrate it into our existing product/authorization where our users reside. 


Our customers / end-users are registered/authenticated in our system and we want to direct them to the knowledge base - potentially hosted in Hubspot in the future.


1) SSO (only available in Enterprise Edition and not even sure if this can be used for this scenario and limit it to Knowledge Base).

2) List with where an additional registration is needed. We don't want our users to register to yet another system


Please advise.



It says that this has been delievered, but I do not see that as an accurate depiction. If I am understanding correctly we are looking to have our customers (non-hubspot users) to access/SSO into our KB through the credentials they use for our private apps without having to setup a new username/password just to access the KB (which creates a bad experience). The SSO capability that Hubspot offers now is limiting in that it only applies to internal Hubspot users accessing private KB articles, which although useful it does not give the customer a great experience and leaves our KB articles open/public if we decide we do not want to burden them with another set of credentials. 


@goconnor Do you have any updates on this, it is getting increasingly more difficult to stay with Hubspots Help Center when we are constantly balancing what our customers need and what we can/cannot afford to put into a public domain. Having users have 2 separate credentials is just not an option