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Enable Resending Email to "Non-Openers"

There is no ability to resend the email to non-openers in Hubspot. Many other marketing email platforms (e.g constant contact) offer this. It is frustrating to first build a list of non-openers and then resend, which happens to be the workaround. 

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I agree - in the instance someone doesnt open an email in an automated workflow. There should be an option to allow a person to re-enroll into automated workflow if they don't open an email/sms. Non-responder comms via another channel are very popular so I am surprised Hubspot doesnt allow this to happen yet. 


YES YES YES! I can't believe HubSpot doesn't have this functionality. I got help from a rep about how to do it through workflows and a cloned list and it was so complicated I just didn't bother. Grabbed these screen shots of how Constant Contact does it. It's literally two clicks. It's a no-brainer. And it boosts my open rates by probably around 50%. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this, HubSpot! I would much rather use your platform than Constant Contact!

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 12.08.20 PM.pngScreen Shot 2021-01-27 at 12.08.30 PM.png

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Yes, pls we really need this feature.


This is a regular moan from new Hubspot clients when we switch them form other platforms.


YES!! Please add this feature. 


Fully agree - the 'Send to More' feature is great, if you can just be able to send easily to unopeners that would be great.


Creating a list, cloning and email and then sending...not so great!


Although, because I can't (easily) do testing on my HS package it's handy to see what content worked and what didn't and adjust, as well as try a different subject line to help convince them to open it!


It is great, to add resend options in the account not cloning emails and resend to only one person.


This would be great! I'm about to get a campaign sent out and have it setup as a Workflow to send in different languages...but also have to create duplicates of the emails just to change the subject line to send next week to unopens. I see the new workflow feature "simple step" which I'm hoping HubSpot enhances further to allow one of those options in response to choosing "send email" to be "didn't open email"




Very interesting for me too : it allows to maximise the open rate of important e-mail. 


Please implement this feature asap!
Every other basic CRM out there has this simple feature integrated.


this is a much needed update - helps tremendously with open rates. the cloning and resending is too cumbersome and ineffiecent, and causes too many lists.