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Enable Playbooks for Custom Objects

We are working with a custom object ("Projects") for our post-sales Delivery and onboarding process.  Playbooks are available on all standard objects (Companies, Contacts, Deals, Tickets), but not Custom Objects.  This would be such a game changer for our team to have access to Playbooks - all the users of our custom object have paid Service Enterprise seats to access other paid features like snippits and templates, but we're really missing Playbooks on this custom object.


  1. WHO: users of custom objects, in our case - post-sales Delivery, for whom Deals and Tickets aren't quite suitable objects to use.
  2. GOAL: leverage Playbooks to embed working instructions in a custom object, and standardize the collection of critical data properties during the various pipeline stages for the custom object
  3. VALUE: easy onboarding of new team members, structured gathering of information and notes/documentation
  4. EXAMPLES: literally the same way Playbooks can be used on Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets 😁
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Came here looking for this solution. We create all our leads as custom objects as we view them as 'touchpoints' and associate multiple touchpoints with a single deal record. As any sales team member might only be dealing with one individual touchpoint then they need the relevant playbook on the custom lead object and not the deal or contact

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Please please pleeeeaaase add this! I just had another project where this was scoped in based on the assumption that it was possible to create Playbooks for Custom Objects, because I really don't see a reason why it's not. And now it turns out it's not and we have to figure out some crazy workaround >.<


Yes--even though we can use Playbooks to update fields on custom objects relating to a standard object--we can only use playbooks on standard objects, which is very frustrating.


We use custom objects for the real estate that we manage, but we cannot use Playbooks for inspections, showings, tours, due dilligence calls, etc. Believe me, everyone in our organization would have a paid enterprise sales seat if this was in place. HubSpot is losing a ton of potential money over this.


Our workaround is to just use Knowledge Base articles for instructions, and manual record updates. A pain, but we save the money on the paid seats.


It's worth the monthly cost just for this feature.


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I don't know if this was stealth-added, but as of just now I am able to show Playbooks in the right sidebar on a Custom Object record. 





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