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Enable Playbooks for Custom Objects

We are working with a custom object ("Projects") for our post-sales Delivery and onboarding process.  Playbooks are available on all standard objects (Companies, Contacts, Deals, Tickets), but not Custom Objects.  This would be such a game changer for our team to have access to Playbooks - all the users of our custom object have paid Service Enterprise seats to access other paid features like snippits and templates, but we're really missing Playbooks on this custom object.


  1. WHO: users of custom objects, in our case - post-sales Delivery, for whom Deals and Tickets aren't quite suitable objects to use.
  2. GOAL: leverage Playbooks to embed working instructions in a custom object, and standardize the collection of critical data properties during the various pipeline stages for the custom object
  3. VALUE: easy onboarding of new team members, structured gathering of information and notes/documentation
  4. EXAMPLES: literally the same way Playbooks can be used on Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets 😁
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100% agree on this as being necessary and likely an easy build for HubSpot.

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I work with HubSpot Support, and had a customer reach out asking for this feature, and it would be amazing to see it implemented 😊 

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Agree with this idea, it would be great to see playbooks for custom objects.


This is exactly the feature I am looking for! We have Applications (a custom object) that are associated to Contacts.

Contacts can have multiple Applications. We are looking to use playbooks to store Application information that is asked during a call using a playbook. 

We cannot save the information to a contact, as one contact can have different information for different Applications. 

Any workaround for updating a record property on a custom object while using playbooks?


Agreed, we need this!



Yes - this would be very beneficial.