Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emails

I was disappointed to see that I can't do an A/B test in an automated email:



Marketo (a HubSpot competitor) allows this functionality.

Can you add this to the product sometime?

It's particularly helpful with a Welcome email sequence which is key to on-boarding new customers.

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Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emailsHubSpot Product Team

Hi @petersherlock93  (and all following along). I can confirm that this isn't the case, A/B testing of automated emails is still very much a priority for us.


For the past few months we have been focused primarily on work on the underlying infrastructure of email, to ensure speed, stability and reliability of the overall platform and user experience. We're nearing the end of this work right now which enables us to continue to build on top of the email tool and makes it possible for us to build more net-new functionality in a stable and scalable way, A/B testing of automated emails being a great example of that. 


While there hasn't been much news on this specific feature lately, it's something that is very high on our roadmap and now that we're seeing results from our infrastructure and performance work we're able to refocus our efforts on bringing these new features to the product. Rest assured that it's still something we're focused on. 


While we aren't yet at the stage of a beta for this feature, I'd recommend checking out these resources (one and two) from the HubSpot blog that provide interim solutions and as soon as we have a beta that's available for everyone I'll share a signup form for everyone here to try out. Thanks again for your feedback and for keeping the momentum going here. 

Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emailsHubSpot Product Team

Thanks @petersherlock93! Just a case of good ol' miscommunication Smiley Happy  The "on pause" here just means that we were still deep into the infrastructure and reliability work needed for this (and other) functionality. It was by no means deprioritised or taken off the roadmap, just needed to get the ordering right on the priorities to make sure we didn't put the cart in front of the horse, so to speak.

Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emailsHubSpot Product Team
changed to: In Planning

Hi all, I wanted to share a quick status update with you on this. We've spent some time researching options for this feature and are making good progress. We'll soon be heading into a dedicated research phase and as we get close to a beta of this we'll open it up to everyone on this post to get early access. Please do keep your feedbac/upvotes coming, we really appreciate it.

Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emailsHubSpot Product Team

Thank you all for sharing your feedback and use cases on this. The product team is currently thinking about how to solve this, and will post updates here. 

Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emailsHubSpot Product Team

A/B testing an entire workflow to see what places could be improved to improve conversion rates.

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Thank you Shay, that's lovely to hear!

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This is the single largest feature gap of HubSpot. We could literally learn so much, so much faster if this was a feature. The day this gets released I will sing delighted praises to the name of Dharmesh Shah. 



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I think this feature is really missing. I would be absolutely necessary for us.

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This is a MUST for us. Please prioritize it 

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+1 for this Idea... its totally necessary!!

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+1 - Seems so basic.  I saw another tool that handled it beautifully.  Hubspot is a ltech eader and I expected to find it  in the tool.

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I hate that HubSpot doesn't offer this feature as well. 


I am constantly working to optimize my workflows and the best way I have found to do it is super manual but it has been working. 


I write down the day I implemented an email change and monitor it on a monthly basis until it reaches statistical significance using this calculator: https://www.verticalmeasures.com/resources/ppc/statistical-significance-calculator/ 


Once the test has reached at least 95% statistical significance I conclude if the test won or was unsuccessful before determining if I will keep this change in place. 


It's not the most efficient but it has been working for me! 

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This is great to see in the planning and research phases, it's a huge need for our email marketing campaigns. 

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When will Hubspot be implementing this feature? If outreach.io, marketo, etc. can do it, then surely Hubspot can!


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I've just set a workflow up using an IF/THEN split and duplicated automated emails with different subject lines (or whatever other element you wish to test).


IF "email" starts with "a" through to "m", they get Version 1. If it's "n" through to "z", they get Version 2.


It's probably not the best A/B testing methodology, but it should work.