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Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emails

I was disappointed to see that I can't do an A/B test in an automated email:



Marketo (a HubSpot competitor) allows this functionality.

Can you add this to the product sometime?

It's particularly helpful with a Welcome email sequence which is key to on-boarding new customers.

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For what it is worth, I was told by my account rep that development-wise it is the kind of thing that won't likely be addressed till 2019. Smiley Sad

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Yeah, this has been said already but I just assumed this was a function and created my first workflow happily and then found out it wasn't.  Hubspot Academy spends a lot of time talking about automation and experimenting and testing for these things not to be possible together. Disappointing for sure. 

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Yes, please.  Make this possible!

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Would be great to know where is this feature in the development roadmap, as our business is growing and we need to have these kind of A/B tests inn our CRM.

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How can it be that Hubspot doesn't have this super basic feature? 
Does anyone have any workaround for this?


 This feature is absolutely paramount! Workflows allow us to communicate with customers at a precise moment in their journey, and we need to be able to test these communications via AB testing. Without this capability, Workflows completely lose their value to our business. 

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I've been waiting for this feature for 3 years...

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Hubspot, people asked for this must have feature for more than a year ! And it's still not there... SHAME ON YOU !

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tobiaspasma Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner
Occasional Contributor | Platinum Partner

 Come on guys... let built that feature! Please!?

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Need this desperately. Are you working on this? I can see it has a ton of upvotes.