Enable A/B testing in workflow/automated emails


I was disappointed to see that I can't do an A/B test in an automated email:



Marketo (a HubSpot competitor) allows this functionality.

Can you add this to the product sometime?

It's particularly helpful with a Welcome email sequence which is key to on-boarding new customers.

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@APlocinik completely agree with this point- it would be great to have the ability to add these into multiple workflows instead of cloning and recreating for each. 

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I came here to search for this idea and am so glad this is now in beta!


I'd like to be able to A/B/C/N test (specifying a % of traffic to each variant) instead of being limited to a 50:50 A/B.


So it looks like the Beta that was released only works if you have a Sales professional plan. What are the plans for rolling out this beta in the Marketing hub? It's kind of odd to be that this was only rolled out for Sales hub since I assume a lot of folks in the Marketing hub would want to use this feature. 

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@kaussie5 it's marketing hub only for this beta - please see the knowledge base here: 




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Hi team!

Commenting for a customer here.

Currently, both versions of the emails must be assign to the same campaign. My customer is tracking revenue from emails through HubSpot's campaign tool via google analytics. As such, it would be great if we can enable different campaigns for each version to track their respective revenue.

Thank you!


I was chating about this with hs support... I can´t find the A/B option in my automated e-mails.... only in regular e-mails. 
Is this funcionality still in beta? How can I access it? Or was it removed for good? 


Would be great to see a feature that enables metric setting for A/B testing automated emails in workflows. I know that my email opens are doing well for an email type but for example what if I would like to A/B test the CTA in my email. Would be great to have this feature. Also would be nice to see both emails from within the workflow. I wasn't sure mine was working at first because I only see version A represented in the workflow. 

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Hi All,


We recently rolled this out LIVE to all pro+ portals. Thank you for all your patience and interest in this project.




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